Amazing Fihalhohi Island, Maldives

By Mridula Dwivedi April 11, 2014 32 Comments , ,

During my short stay in Maldives we hopped to a resort island Fihalhohi, for a day. We were staying at the budget island of Maafushi- which is inhabited. The resort islands have nothing but the resort and the tourists. But whichever way you look at Maldives it is incredibly beautiful. Forget diving, even the snorkeling is amazing. In fact at Fihalhohi I could see fish with my eyes by the shore. The same was true for Maafushi.

Fihalhohi Island, Maldives
Fihalhohi Island, Maldives #Lumia1020

This was a personal vacation that I took with my younger nephew, Sunil. He is a big fan of football, so we left Fihalhohi island around 3.00 pm so that he could play football with the locals in the evening at Maafushi. So, these pictures are just point and shoot effort from my cell phone in bright light, no tricks involved. Talking about my nephew again, he behaves like a piece of luggage on these trips, I have to do everything, fill every form for him! But he is so much fun.

The day we visited Fihalhohi, it was a hot day! And I forgot to put any sunscreen as we were getting late for our speedboat. By evening I was tanned beyond recognition!

Fihalhohi Island
The Beautiful Fihalhohi Island, Maldives #Lumia1020

I mean with water like this who could stay away from it, sun or no sun, tan or whatever! Now my skin is peeling off and my shoulders hurt like crazy! But then I am relying on the weekend to recover. I have had a really beautiful time in Maldives and even though there are so many places in this world to visit, Maldives is one place I will like to go back to. It helps that it is close by.

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32 thoughts on “Amazing Fihalhohi Island, Maldives”

  1. Oh, these photos make me long to visit the Maldives! The description of your nephew behaving like a piece of luggage makes me laugh – I have brought up teenagers, I know just what you mean!
    Hope that your skin is now nicely creamed and soothed!

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