Dude Called me Auntie

By Mridula Dwivedi April 27, 2014 25 Comments , ,

I just came back from a trip to Ranthambore National Park in Rajasthan. The trip was sponsored by the Aircel’s #saveourtigers initiative. And it was there that a dude called me auntie! Let me tell you the whole story along with the video!

In the Indian national parks at most of the places you cannot get out of your vehicle. There are designated areas and only there you can get down! I have noticed it across the parks that birds become quite fearless at such points. They come and expect food from you. Treepies are know for it, I saw it at Sariska. They were the same at Ranthambore too.

In Ranthambore at this particular pit stop it were the peacocks. I still remember the morning. The light was amazing. That is something you notice automatically if you like clicking pictures. There was a huge water body in font of us. Palash trees were in bloom. There were Treepies perching on the branches.

But the thugs of the area were peacocks. They would come quite close to us and demand food. I was not carrying anything to eat. I was also standing at a safe distance and watching the peacocks bullying the human beings! I somehow switched my cell phone to the video mode and waited for things to happen. There were three dudes (nice blokes) who were together. One of them noticed the behavior of peacocks and he was carrying biscuits as well. He gave biscuits to one of his unsuspecting friends!

Now here was a well built boy in his twenties holding a few biscuits in his hands without suspecting a thing! I wonder where his attention was and how he did not notice what the peacocks were up to! But he kept the biscuits on display and soon enough the peacocks came and started chasing him!

Later I told him I got it on a video. The dude who did all the running replied, “Auntie don’t put it on Facebook.” Now if only he called me ma’am… go watch the video.

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25 thoughts on “Dude Called me Auntie”

    1. Maniparna 😀 I have nephews their age 😀 so I am used to being called auntie. And thank you for your support.

  1. Hahaha… How courageous..:D
    You did the right thing..You did not post in on fb..You posted it on youtube..

    I was remembering an old dye ad reading the title of the post…Auntie..!! 😛

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