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By Mridula Dwivedi March 13, 2014 12 Comments , , ,

Long years of mess food and later, my own cooking killed most of my taste buds. So, I treat any food related activity with trepidation. When I heard from the good folks at the Paper Boat Drinks, I had pretty mixed feelings. They wanted to indulge my taste buds with their newly launched drinks whereas I fear that I have hardly any left! However what clinched the deal was they left it to me what I did, after I got the drinks. In the end I have decided to do a post because it is a cool drink!

Paper Boat Drinks
Paper Boat Drinks

I got the drinks just before I was leaving for Narkanda. So, I packed three of them in my bag. I was a bit worried that it might leak, as the name is Paper Boat! But no in spite of the name it has a sturdy packing. It arrived with me intact at Narkanda. And I call it a cool drink because to click the picture I kept it on the snow!

At home everyone has tried the drinks. Chhavi was quite excited to see the boats, she wanted to try every color! Her friend Drishti also liked it, in fact she asked for a second helping of the Kokum flavor. My father liked the Aamras. He was not too thrilled that it is priced at 30 rupees, rupees 10 above the normal fruit drinks. But then when he sold a house he still bought a 1399 rupees phone. He is the reason I have never bought an expensive smart phone, he has drilled frugality into us. When I tried to convince him it was worth the price, he grudgingly agreed. When my husband tried it, he told me, “this felt less artificial.” I too agree with him.

Paper Boat Drinks
Me Trying to Click!

Both Chhavi and I are big fan of pani puri and we tried their pani. While I liked it for its sweet and sour taste, Chhavi prefers the hot green water. She was complaining to me that this pani was not tittuΒ enough (full of chili).

After clicking the pictures I managed to finish all the three bottles at Narkanda itself. It must have tickled my nonexistent taste buds, cause otherwise I am not at all a cola or juice person. I can now see Paper Boat drinks stocked at the MG Road Metro Station shops. Let me see if Chhavi demands a drink when we head that way next!

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12 thoughts on “Paper Boat- The Cool Drink”

  1. I am like your dad. I can’t think of buying expensive products, unless it’s an investment. Will try the drink if it is available in my city.

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