Sky Watch Friday- Icicles in Grey Sky

By Mridula Dwivedi March 7, 2014 22 Comments , ,

Snow is going to be the theme on this blog for quite some time now! For this sky watch I present the icicles I spotted at the Narkanda bus stand. While I was waiting for a bus to go back to Shimla, it just kept snowing. There were only a few unfortunate souls outside waiting for a bus. The lucky ones were tucked inside their warm homes and not going anywhere.

The tea stall owner was there in attendance, doing brisk business. The cup of tea felt very small and hardly did anything to combat the cold. Still, it was the only comfort food available to me at that point other than the packaged junk. For quite sometime no bus was coming from either way! Thoughts of getting stuck crossed my mind many times. I was assured that I had a room at the Hatu Peak Hotel but then the idea of getting stuck didn’t appeal to me at all.

Icicles against a Grey Sky
Icicles against a Grey Sky

I have seen snow many times now. But usually I am not inside a cozy hotel while it snows outside! Also, I never stood outside while there was wind and snow swirling around me. When the wind drove the snow in my face and tried to get through my thick jacket it was not pleasant at all. And to think that people can climb tall mountains in worse conditions, well the mind truly boggles!

A bus eventually came but it was going to Rampur, in the opposite direction. A majority of people it seems were waiting for that bus. The bus stand was now almost empty. Eventually another bus arrived, and this one was also Rampur bound. However, there were no more passengers going to Rampur! The driver told me that they would talk to their seniors and turn back which they eventually did. So in the end I did get a bus to go back to Shimla and then home!

This post is part of Sky Watch Friday, the most wonderful community of sky watchers!

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22 thoughts on “Sky Watch Friday- Icicles in Grey Sky”

  1. Wow! Just beautiful! When it is slightly cold outside, I pack myself in a hoodie! I have always wondered how people can play with the snow during the fall! Best as always Mridula :)

  2. I live in a pretty snowy climate during the winter, some years it starts in October and doesn’t end until April… blowing into one’s face isn’t fun… but there is something refreshing about standing out in it when the wind isn’t howling. Lovely icicles.

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