When I Stayed in the Levi Spirit Villa!

By Mridula Dwivedi March 31, 2014 14 Comments , , ,

My personal traveling style certainly does not include staying in villas! I do not earn enough, and even if I do, I cannot spend it on villas. I want to travel every 15 days, I certainly do not earn enough to stay every 15 days in a posh accommodation. How I wish I could take just two vacations in a year and splurge. But that is just not me.

And yet I ended up staying in a villa! When I go on such trips, I do feel someone up there is keeping a kind eye on me. For my #lumiainlapland trip I was staying at the Levi Spirit Villa in Levi, Lapland. After seeing a bit of luxury on my invited trips, I am sort of getting accustomed to it on the sponsored trips. But at this villa even my eyes popped out. First, the location took my breath away, it was located in a winter wonderland!ย Each villa has four bed rooms on the second floor and one bedroom is in the attic. We were four members from India who shared the villa.

Levi Spirit Villa, Lapland, Finland
Levi Spirit Villa, Lapland, Finland; Photo by Lumia 1020

Levi Spirit Villa was sheer luxury. With a nicely done living area the villa had things that I could not even try in my two night stay. For example I could never switch on the music system with Bose speakers. I never managed to switch on the large living room TV as well. For that matter I never managed to switch on the bedroom TV. Then downstairs there was home theater, sadly that also went unused too.

What I did use was the sauna and the outdoor Jacuzzi. Each villa had its own sauna and Jacuzzi. Now that was ultimate luxury for me. On the second evening all four of us went to the outdoor Jacuzzi and enjoyed watching the snow outside. It was such fun to be in hot water while there was snow everywhere around us. Better still, have a look at the video to see the villa virtually.

With beer in hand we went to the hot sauna (this one was a different sauna than the ice dipย madness) and I had such a great time. I had to almost pinch myself to believe that this was for real. For me my fist villa stay with the Levi Spirit has been such a memorable experience.


14 thoughts on “When I Stayed in the Levi Spirit Villa!”

  1. Hi Mridula,

    The description given by you and the photos make me want to crave for such a place. It does sound quite exotic and serene. I think I need a well deserved break from all the traffic and ruckus.

    Thanks for sharing the experience and the clicks ๐Ÿ™‚


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