Lazy Sunday Photo- Colors at Iittala Store, Helsinki

By Mridula Dwivedi March 23, 2014 2 Comments , ,

Glasses, tumblers, plates etc. bore me to death. But as I was walking along with others on the #lumiainlapland trip I had no option. They wanted to go to the Iittala Store in Helsinki, I had to go in as well. There was something about this place though that I almost ended up buying stuff. They had things in ceramics and glasses which looked simply gorgeous.

I was tempted to buy a coffee mug but then spending in Euros doesn’t come easy to me. Not that any other hard currency like dollar or pound is easy, but in Helsinki Euro was the currency and it was difficult to take it out of my bag. Then I almost flipped for candle holders. The trouble is that almost no one in my family uses candles but they looked so good!

The Candle Holder Display, Iittala, Helsinki, Photo with Lumia 1020

I wanted to take a picture of this beautiful display of candle holders but I know that some of the store frown upon taking pictures inside a store. The lady standing at the counter sensed my hesitation and said, “it is alright to take pictures.” The words were such music to my ears. She said there were more than 1000 pieces in this display (this picture has a partial view) and they changed it once a year!

They had blue dinner plates that wanted to come out of the shelf and jump into my bag. It was just that I was not too keen to let the credit card out of my handbag. In the end the credit card won, it refused to get out and the plates had to stay on the rack! I mean imagine, me wanting to buy a plate! More often than not I may not even remember the colors of the plate at my home.

However, if I find myself there another time, I am sure I am going to buy stuff. The Iittala store was so full of beautiful things!


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