The Husky Ride- When My Hands Almost Froze!

I am scared of them Doggies. When I got to know about the Husky Dog Sledge ride in Levi (Lapland, Finland) at the #lumiainlapland event, I had mixed feelings. I was not sure how I would react to a dog sledge ride. But then I had to give it a try! I also did not know who was supposed to drive the sledge. I was very clear I was not up to it. When Mark asked me if I would go with him, I smiled. I don’t remember what I said to him but I try not to make the same mistakes twice! I knew what a dare devil he was with the snow mobile, there was no chance I was going on a husky ride with him! Thankfully the sledges were driven by the experts, they would not trust their precious animals to us rookies!

The Husky Dog Sledge Ride

The Husky Ride, Photo by Lumia 1020

But reaching to the Levi Husky Park was a minor adventure. We first reached the wrong place first. We all got down from the bus, started clicking pictures, only to be told that we were at the wrong park! We got back to the bus again, this time we reached the correct place in the end. The dogs were in large enclosed areas, they started barking at our arrival, I guess in excitement and welcome. It did leave me a bit nervous. But going on the ride was actually easy. I just had to sit on the sledge, they tucked me in, in an extra blanket and off we went, galloping and tearing.

For me, an event is not complete if I cannot take pictures of it. I was the first person in the sledge. All the snow flakes the dogs sent up with their paws, would try to find its way around my face and neck. At one point I closed my eyes to avoid the flakes, even though I didn’t want to miss any of the view.

I am not very good at using my camera with gloves in my hands. So, I took them off to take a video! I lasted for 13 seconds in all before I feared that my hands would get frozen solid. One of the members of the team kept her hands out. After the ride she asked me to put on the gloves for her, she had no sensation in her hands for a while. It was scarily cold when the dogs took off. However much I like to take pictures, I just could not keep my hands out. Even with my fear of dogs, this was a fun ride, which I would be happy to repeat whenever I get a chance next!

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22 thoughts on “The Husky Ride- When My Hands Almost Froze!”

  1. sounds like fun. Could u pet the dogs?

    You should get a gopro camera for moments like this

    Btb do watch the movie- 8 below to understand more about these dogs.

    • I have seen 8 below Shrinidhi but I need to see it again I guess. I am not buying any more cameras 😀

    • Thank you Gaurab. I have seen that movie but maybe I need to watch it again.

  2. Those doggies are gorgeous!! Yeah but for me they will be a form of beauty that I admire from a distance 😛

    • Seeta the same is true for me but as I was invited and my hosts arranged for it, I just went with the flow.

  3. The video is good but I could not stop the pain even at the end of this. I think the dogs suffer a lot as at the end I saw some of their faces. What is the distance traveled.

    • The distance was short. I am not sure about the suffering part, I hope that is not the case.

  4. Mridula you are a lucky women. I love snow and adore those doggies. Can we get a dog sledge ride in India. I wish we could. It was wonderful reading your experience, you seem like a fun person/blogger.

    • Thank you Soumya. I don’t think I am much fun though, in my day job I am an associate professor! 😀

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