Greetings from Finland

By Mridula Dwivedi March 21, 2014 29 Comments

For this sky watch I present a brand new picture from a brand new destination for me. I am at Helsinki right now, though it my last night here in Finland. I took this picture right in front of the hotel. It is so cold that the water has frozen solid in the lake! I was here with the Nokia event #lumiainlapland.

The one thing that I can say about Finland is that it was cold, way too cold even in March. Kittila was constantly in minus and Helsinki in low single digit. Secondly their devotion to sauna makes complete sense in the cold weather they have. I mean if March was like this what to say of December and January! Then they also take central heating to new heights. Inside the rooms I would be taking off the layers and as soon as I had to step outside, I would be putting them on again! And then lastly our hosts guessed it correctly that if they left the clothing to us we would freeze to death! The winter clothing they gave us was an immense help in staying warm!

But then more details as I get back home on Sunday. Or maybe I will be able to log from the Munich airport where I have a few hours halt.

Helsinki, Finland
An Evening at Helsinki

I have had an amazing time so far which included a snow mobile drive (I was the pillion rider), husky ride, and seeing -22 degree Celsius for the first time in my life! I could go on and on but I think it would be better if I go and get some sleep now, so that I can get up at the sunrise and click some pictures of this beautiful city.

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PS. This post is part of the beautiful Skywatch Friday community. Do check it out.


29 thoughts on “Greetings from Finland”

    1. No Anu one of the members of the Chinese media team was lucky but I did not see the Northern Lights. How about you? Did you see them?

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