A Glimpse of Helsinki through Clouds

I am a window seat frenetic. I sulk and sulk through a flight if I am denied of one! From 18 to 23 March I took 6 flights in all. Much to my regret, I managed window seats only on four flights- Munich Helsinki, Helsinki Kittila, Kittila Helsinki and Munich Delhi. When I saw others looking at the Alps when the Delhi Munich flight was about to land, I was green with envy, I only had an aisle. Even though I had a window seat on the Munich Delhi flight and I was expecting a sunrise, it was not much! I sulk some more then! Flight window seat  are synonymous for me!

With so many flights in a few days, my sleep went for a toss. OK, that is not really true. I do not get jetlag when I travel to Europe as I am anyway a night person. But with exciting #lumiainlapland events to attend, I would be greedy and try to get early in the morning too when there was really no need. There was only one day when I decided to sleep in till late at Levi and that day there was a nice sunrise. The next day when I got up early, it was snowing!


A Glimpse of Helsinki through Clouds!

We also never had any late night events but all of us would talk so much to each other that it would be late before I got back to the Levi Spirit Villa, where we were staying. Then I would update the highlights of the day on Facebook and Twitter and that would make it really late when I would finally hit the bed. Usually I would be out the moment my head touched the pillow.

So when I had aisle seats on the flights, more often than not I would fall asleep. I would wake up quite scared wondering if I was snoring too! I prefer looking out of the window even when all I can see are the clouds, but then if I had an aisle seat then I guess sleep was one way to spend the flight. On the last Delhi Munich flight I had the last row window seat. There was no one on the seat next to me so I could stretch my legs.  I kept watching movies for the entire flight. When one and a half hour remained I put some music on the in-flight entertainment and relaxed. I didn’t realize when I dozed off! I slept through the landing and woke up only when the PA system started saying “welcome to …”.

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14 thoughts on “A Glimpse of Helsinki through Clouds”

  1. Would love to visit Finland once. After reading all your experiences and photos you shared it just got more tempting 🙂

  2. Lovely capture. I too love the window seat. Everything looks so magnificent from the top. My most spectacular view was when the flight flew over the islands of Maldives.

  3. Lovely picture Mridula. My friends a similar picture of Delhi during sunrise. Sky views are always mesmerizing be it Delhi or Helsinki. Loved reading your experience, so keep sharing them. I will be wait for your next post.

    • Sunrise pictures from the sky can be so smashing! I almost cry if I don’t get a window seat on a flight particularly if it has a sunrise/sunset. Thank you so much for your kind words.

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