Finding Snow Unexpectedly

Last week I did another last minute trip, this time to Narkanda. Narkanda is about 64 kilometers from Shimla towards Rampur. I try to avoid main hill stations as they are too crowded for me. And yet as I have limited leaves I need to go someplace that I could reach quickly. I am no fan of driving, hence I also rely on public transport.  Narkanda fitted the bill as I took the Kalka Shatabdi till Kalka and then a bus to Shimla from where I took a taxi to Narkanda. That was not the original plan but I will write a detailed post in a while.

I booked the Hatu, a HPTDC hotel. I saw that there was a ski package on offer but it still didn’t ring a bell! I was aware that it would be cold, so I packed heavy woolens and it was a good thing. As usual, I had to take avomine for my nausea on the mountain roads which leaves me quite disoriented.

Snow at Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh

Snow at Narkanda, Himachal Pradesh

I was surprised at how much snow there was even in March! The hotel is at a little height from the village and the path was completely filled with snow. I was happy that I was negotiating it in a taxi to begin with. At the hotel there was a young staff member at the counter. He checked me in quickly with the customary, “are you alone ma’am?”

I had missed lunch and asked for tea and something to eat.They offered pakoras to which I readily agreed. I was happy to be inside a clean room with a heater. In a few minutes my tea and pakoras were served. There was a TV in the room as well with a local cable connection. I was settled for the night.

I was expecting Narkanda to be cold but I did not expect it to be so full of snow. My adventure had started!

13 thoughts on “Finding Snow Unexpectedly

  1. Rachit Aggarwal

    Picture is great. Yes, this year even in March, we are having little cold in Hyderabad unlike every year when summer arrived in end of February only…Share the things to do at this place..

  2. Nikhil Chandra

    Appears that you had a good time. The unexpected things that happen when one travels is what stay with them in their memory for long period of time. I didn’t knew snow could be expected this close to Delhi.

    And I so miss those times when I was also footloose in Himalayas whenever I had a weekend off from work. Good to see that you are traveling :-)

  3. Jayanta Tewari

    Hi Mridula,
    Nice post with this beautiful picture as always. Fortunately or Unfortunately, I saw lots of snow this year during my travel in US in the month of Dec-Jan. It was snowing all over the places. Yet to see snow in India though :-).

  4. Nikhil

    It’s awesome to find something good out of nowhere , quite unexpectedly.
    So , your adventure indeed starts….:D
    Do tell if you went for skiing! :)

  5. Ragini Puri

    Wow Mridula ma’am! This trip was when the indimeet happened. I asked Madhu ma’am about you and she said you are in Narkanda and its snowing there. :)

    Kalka-Shila-Narkanda – Is there any alternative route? I might go there later this month. Mountains beckon :)

  6. Puru

    I am still chasing snow in dreams.. planning to catch some this year itself .. That photograph, it looks so beautiful even with the slushy street.

  7. Gaurab

    I visited to Shimla, Manali and other neighboring cities in a school trip. We really had a great time there. I used to love walking through the streets of Shimla. I feel the tea in those hilly areas have their own taste which nothing else can match. Nice post :) :D

  8. Anki S

    Yes,it has been a snowy year.I got like 2-3 feet snow in Shimla when I went in late Jan.Thanks for sharing though.Are you skiing up there?


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