Our very own Punjabi Kuddi and Big Fan of this Blog makes it to IAE!

By Mridula Dwivedi February 1, 2014 3 Comments , ,

I have to share some good news! One of my readers and friend Sarita Singh Antarctica made it to IAE – 2014 and will be headed to Antarctica in less than 40 days from now.

International Antarctic Expedition is led by Polar explorer and environmentalist Robert Swan, OBE and his Organisation 2041, which draws its name from the Antarctic Treaty that prohibits drilling and mining in the continent till 2041.

Sarita Singh
Sarita Singh

For readers who have been following my blog would know about IAE. You can also scroll down and click on “Antarctica with 2041” on the right hand corner to get more details of this unique expedition!

Swan – the only polar explorer in the world to have walked both the north and South Pole has dedicated his life to the preservation of Antarctica by the promotion of recycling, renewable energy and sustainability to combat the effects of climate change. His mission:

As the last unspoilt wilderness on earth, Antarctica is currently protected by a treaty prohibiting drilling and mining until 2041. Decision made by today’s youth will impact our entire planet’s ecosystem and future of the life on earth. It is our mission to build on this by informing, engaging and inspiring the next generation of leaders to take responsibility, be sustainable, and know that now is the time for action in policy development, sustainable business generation and future technologies.

Every year Swan takes a team of international corporate leaders, environmentalists, entrepreneurs, teachers and young people on a journey through the Antarctic Peninsula.  Selected from across the globe, youth Ambassadors participate in various skills and capacity programmes.

Sarita Singh
At Home- Under Water

Sarita is an IT specialist and also a PADI certified National Geographic deep sea diver and simply loves the ocean and travelling and doesn’t mind travelling solo to remote beaches/ islands to pursue her passion. She is also a national level elocutionist and in her college days led a team of 200+ volunteers as the chief coordinator of National Service Scheme (NSS). During her leadership in NSS – she developed a sensitive corner for Social issues and led various drives to help Orphanages, blind schools and conduct eye check-up and blood donation camps in rural areas.

I spoke to her and she said –

It’s impossible for me to explain how ecstatic I am at the moment. I have watched the expedition documentaries and Rob’s lectures on environment sustainability numerous times and Antarctica is the only thing I am talking about with everyone I meet.  I have lived and breathed Antarctica in the last few months and the feeling that am actually going and will be on board the sea spirit and cross the legendary Drake Passage in about 40 days from now has still not sunk in”.

The Antarctic continent is one of the most remote, inhospitable environments on earth. Harsh and inaccessible, covered by over 5 million square miles of solid ice, it is the world’s highest, driest coldest and windswept continent. The lowest recorded temperature in Antarctica was -89 Celsius. No place on earth provides a more demanding environment to face the ultimate leadership challenge. Here the Inspire Antarctic Expedition (IAE) program would focus on leadership, teamwork and personal development.

The team would cruise through the historic Drake Passage which has stimulated the imagination of mankind since Sir Francis Drake inadvertently circumnavigated it in 1580. Sometimes misty and grey, other times calm and clear, crossing the legendary Drake .Passage is unforgettable – a milestone in any adventurer’s personal travel history.

Sarita is a true earth Volunteer and we at Travel Tales from India wish her all the best!  To follow Team 2041 and Sarita during her journey in Antarctica with live updates, please go to http://expedition.2041.com/2014/  from 8th of March through the 21st.


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