From South Africa to Sariska- The Journey of an Earring

By Mridula Dwivedi February 4, 2014 18 Comments , , ,

When we came back from the evening Safari, Chhavi touched my earring and said it looked cute. Then she asked me why was I wearing only one? Chhavi and I have just got back from an extended weekend in Sariska (Rajasthan), the first daughter-mother trip of 2014. I realized I must have dropped that earring during the bumpy ride in the Sarikska Tiger Reserve.

There is only one piece of jewelry I like and no prizes for guessing what. Where ever I go I try to pick up one earring from that region. More often than not I end up picking more than one. The one that I lost, I bought it in South Africa. For a few seconds I did feel bad but then it was just an earring. I gave the other one to Chhavi to play with.

Sariska Tiger Reserve

Chhavi promptly attached the earring to the room key chain and I forgot about it completely. We were staying at the Tiger Den, the RTDC hotel, right next to the reserve. We reached there on Saturday and came back on Monday. Saturday is the most crowded day at the hotel and by Monday there were only three other people at the place. Seshadri has been there alone and now we are planning a trip for the three of us together. It is just a hop away from Gurgaon, hence an ideal weekend getaway.

On Monday we checked out after 12.00 but our train was at 7.30 pm from Alwar. So I kept my luggage at the reception. Chhavi and I just lazed around the hotel. I actually sat in the sun for hours reading a book. Chhavi played in the sand, on the lawn and the swings. Slowly it became 4.00 pm and I went in to collect my luggage. As I went to pick it up behind the reception counter, I saw the key rack and my earring there. I instantly picked it up saying it is my earring. The person at the reception said he would untangle it for me. I told him I lost the other one and I would be happy to leave this one behind as I have no use for it. I guess when Chhavi attached it with my room key, we must have left it at the counter while going on an evening safari. From there it got attached to another key. So the earring from South Africa is now a key chain at Sariska! And I guess it is a happy ending for it!


18 thoughts on “From South Africa to Sariska- The Journey of an Earring”

  1. same here, love to pic up some jewelry from places I visit 🙂 My cousin had been to Ghana from where she got me earrings which depicted a hen’s claws 😛 apparently there they are believed to bring good luck.

  2. Terrible losing something… have lost earrings while travelling!
    Nice that you created such a positive Post out of your loss 🙂 Win-win situation 🙂

  3. Oh it feels bad When we lose something which was bought so thoughtfully.but story of those earrings sounds interesting. I too love to collect earrings. When it comes to earrings I find it difficult restrict myself to just purchase one pair at a time. First time I have met someone who shares the same interest in earrings 🙂

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