Traveling Solo in Kutch

By Mridula Dwivedi January 25, 2014 30 Comments , , ,

It is not that I seek out to travel solo but solo trips just happen. Like first I thought I was going to Bhutan with my younger nephew but that didn’t happen. In the end the first trip of 2014 was to Kutch, my personal vacation and solo. I will recount conversations that happened because of traveling solo.

1. Somewhere in Kutch

Taxi Driver to me: It is all very nice but Ma’am you should have come with your family …

Me: Yes I know but …

The Road to Narayan Sarovar
The Road to Narayan Sarovar

2. At Narayan Sarovar

Man: Are you a journalist?

Me: No I am not.

Man: With that camera I thought you were!

3. A young Air-force boy in the the same coach of the train while traveling from Ahmebdabad to Bhuj

Boy: Ma’am where are you from?

Me: Gurgaon

Boy: Well you must be working there cause I can recognize a Haryanvi when I see one.

Me: laughs

4. Taxi Driver to me at after coming back from the BSF Check Post

The officer was asking if you are a foreigner! I told him she is traveling alone but she is from Delhi and speaks Hindi.

Low Angle Shot
Am I Scientist?

5. At Great Rann of Kutch

Woman: Are you a scientist?

Me: No

Woman: Well you are sitting on the ground and clicking pictures so I thought you must be conducting research.

So much so for trying for another angle for a photograph!

6. Me taking pictures at the Great Rann of Kutch

A stranger: Ma’am which country you are from?

Me: मैं भारत से हूँ और हिन्दी में बोलते हैं. (I am from India and I speak in Hindi).

7. Again at the great Rann of Kutch two boys come to me and ask

Boys: Can we take your camera and pose with it?

Me: Yes and if you wish you can take pictures with it.

Boys: No ma’am we are happy posing.

All Because of a Tripod!
All Because of a Tripod!

8. Again At Great Rann of Kutch

Girl: Are you a professional photographer?

Me: No I like clicking pictures but I am not a professional.

Girl: Points to the tripod and says- well with all this I thought you must be but you say you are not!

9. At the White Rann Camp Tents, Gorevali Village at Breakfast I got chatting with another woman

Me: Sometimes it is good to travel solo

Woman: Yes you will enjoy particularly if you are a loner!

Me: Scratching my head and thinking if I am a loner, I guess I am a bit of.

At the Rann of Kutch
At the Rann of Kutch

10. And for a change me to a boy at Great Rann of Kutch, he was the quietest boy around, was on cell phone for a while before, I guess with his girlftriend.

Me: Will you click a picture for mine.

Boy: Sure.

I give him my cell phone and stand.

Boy: आप बहुत tension में लग रहे हो (you look so tense)

I burst out laughing!

People were a bit curious about me traveling solo but it was mostly fun. I never once was hassled.

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30 thoughts on “Traveling Solo in Kutch”

  1. Hi Mridula, just wanted to let you know that I think you are swell! It is my dream to travel solo and I would love for you to give me some tips and guidance 🙂
    I think the fact that you travel solo on a regular basis is totally awesome and inspiring! Great post 🙂

    1. Gauri I do not travel solo that often, and it is easier on sponsored trips that happen due to my blog. My first trip would be to go to a region that is women friendly even if it is outside India.

  2. Nice post 🙂 I would love to travel solo and will probably try it this year. I was wondering, how many types of questions one have to answer. And one more, I was surprised to read questions like foreigner and scientist· You are looking beautiful and amazing background 🙂

  3. आपकी कच्छ के लोगों से ये हल्की फुल्की गपशप पसंद आई। मुझे कभी अकेले घूमना पसंद नहीं रहा क्यूँकि अपने जैसा कोई मुसाफ़िर साथ हो तो घूमने का मज़ा कम से कम मेरे लिए चौगुना हो जाता है।

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