Necklaces at Dilli Haat

By Mridula Dwivedi January 12, 2014 18 Comments ,

For this lazy Sunday I once again post a picture I clicked at Dilli Haat. Once again it is the colorful necklaces that are on display. I hardly ever wear one, so I never buy one, but clicking them is always a high priority! You get such a variety of necklaces on display that you are spoiled for choice! And not only necklaces, the whole place is full of colorful artifacts! When I get a feeling of being cooped up in the city without getting an opportunity to go out, I just hop over to Dilli Haat.

This time as soon as we entered Chhavi asked for mehndi (henna) on her hand. After a very long time I too got mehndi on one hand! With a kid and mehndi on one hand, the trip was great fun indeed.

Necklaces at Dilli Haat
Necklaces at Dilli Haat

I was so happy that I was not carrying my SLR but Seshadri’s point and shoot. I could easily click this picture with henna on one hand! I actually started using point and shoot when I took Chhavi out just by myself recently.

I am in no way going to trade my love for anything. There is no substitute for a SLR for taking certain type of pictures, But with Chhavi around those pictures are simply not happening. Handling a child and a DSLR together becomes too overwhelming for me! If I concentrate on the shot I am scared that the kid will run away someplace. If I concentrate on the kid, the DLSR is just a dead weight around my neck! So, I am thinking of using a point and shoot more and more when I take her out on a local trip.

Now the question is whether to buy a point and shoot or to just keep pinching Seshadri’s camera?


18 thoughts on “Necklaces at Dilli Haat”

  1. That is what I was wondering..Mridula and necklace! How come! Ok for a change, such girlish/feminine stuff looks good globetrotter 🙂 And even I dont like applying henna because I dont like the so called fragrance. Henna when applied, definitely looks good though!

  2. Beautiful photo of colourful necklaces. I have never tried this type of necklaces, and I always wonder how people carry them. 🙂 And yes I also like putting mehendi on my hands but it is very rare.

  3. Nice necklaces. I had a point and shoot until a couple of months ago, and I carry it everywhere. The DSLR is reserved for trips and special occasions.

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