Jangchub Rabtanling Monastery

What do you do when go and search on Google and find only your own post on the topic? I searched for the Jangchub Rabtanling Monastery near hail Himalayas and found my own post looking back at me! So I go ahead and talk more about it.

I don’t know why I agreed to get out to see the sunrise on a cold December day at Hail Himalayas. But when we started the car, ice had to be wiped out of the wind screen first. It was still dark outside, moon was still there when we reached the sunrise point. It was cold but as I trek, I was wearing a good down jacket and there was no chance of feeling cold. The tiny dot you see in the picture above is the moon. Of the sunrise I don’t have much to show.

Day Break at Sunrise Point, Hail Himalayas
Day Break at Sunrise Point, Hail Himalayas

As we reached there quite early, no one had the patience to wait for the sun to come out properly. We were going near the Jangchub Rabtanling Monastery as two of the instructors with Hail Himalayas lived nearby and they offered us tea. Or probably it was the other way round, we were going to the monastery and there was a chance for tea nearby. Both the young lads who worked with Hail Himalayas have done advanced mountaineering course. The tea that their family offered was really good pahari chai.

The Entrance to the Jangchub Rabtanling Monastery
The Entrance to the Jangchub Rabtanling Monastery

The Monastery was a quiet one and we were the only visitors that early in the morning. Mr. Hem Singh Thakur of Hail Himalayas has spent a long time in Trans-Himalayan region and he very quickly started chatting with the head lama who was showing us around.

The View from Jangchub Rabtanling Monastery
The View from Jangchub Rabtanling Monastery

To see the main hall of the monastery we were barefoot and I was freezing while I was thus standing and trying to get a good picture of the fabulous view around the place.

A Giant-Buddha at the Monastery
A Giant Buddha Statue at the Monastery

I was quite fascinated by the giant Buddha statues at the monastery. The place is quite remote and it must have been a task to construct this place out here.

Another Giant Statue at the Monastery

This is another giant statue within the premises. Like every other monastery this one also had its own dogs. Looks like I am becoming a little less scared of them these days. I would still not go and pet them but I didn’t make a fool of myself either!

Now that I am writing it this, I feel I should have asked more questions about the place. If you go there find out more as there is hardly anything as of now on Google!

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  1. Exploring the unexplored 😉 its nice to know about hidden gems than touristy places about which you can get n number of articles in google and with same kinda info 😉

    • I have to be more careful the next time to gather information about such places!

  2. Ha haa 😀 Love that humble question in the first sentence 🙂 Reading your post after almost 20 days and I realise how much I missed them! Next time I must make not to miss your posts on holidays…

    Surprised by the lifted ‘left’ hand of the Giant Buddha Statue! Eager to know why is it so? Photographs are awesome as usual!

    The Arts & Me

    • Sindhu that is so kind of you but no my posts should remain off limits on holidays 😀

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