Back from a Vacation!

By Mridula Dwivedi January 19, 2014 22 Comments , , ,

I was supposed to be in Thailand the previous week but the trip got cancelled quite close to the trip, it was one of those things which is beyond anyone’s control.

Now I had one week of leaves and suddenly nowhere to go. It goes without saying that it made me extremely unhappy. For 4 hours without even blinking I kept searching for reasonable airfares. My husband suggested that why don’t I go to Madagascar and when I searched for it I realized it has visa on arrival! In the end I picked up a less costly destination, Ahmadabad it was with Kutch being the ultimate destination.

Mandvi Beach, Kutch, Gujarat
Mandvi Beach, Kutch, Gujarat

All I knew before going was that I was taking a train from Ahmedabad to Bhuj and then going 40 km ahead to Devpur to stay at Devpur Homestay. It is less of a home stay and more of a grand Haveli. If you are looking for a place near Bhuj do check out Devpur Homestay, it is a truly beautiful place.Β It is a lovely homestay (I know I am repeating myself) and I would be talking about it in detail soon.


I am completely indebted to Mr. Krutarthsinh Jadega (the owner of the home stay) for giving me a place at his home stay at such a short notice. And more than that for planning my entire trip from there on. Without his suggestions, I wonder what would I have done! It is a lovely homestay and I would be talking about it in detail soon.

The week just flew by and I am back after visiting a few places at Kutch. From tomorrow back to work and back to proper blogging. After all today is lazy Sunday. The picture above was clicked at Mandavi Beach in Kutch, Gujarat.


22 thoughts on “Back from a Vacation!”

  1. Beautiful beach scene. It makes me miss the beach. Warm sand, and roar of the ocean at sunrise. <3
    I've never heard of a homestay. :O (Don't mind me, I'm still new.)
    But I'm glad that worked out for you. πŸ™‚
    And it's too bad your trip to Thailand was canceled. I hope you still get to go sometime, and I'm happy you still found adventure. πŸ™‚
    Take care,

    1. Crystal thank you for the nice comment. Homestays if they are good can be really awesome. This would have been the second trip to Thailand but what to do. I hope I will go back again one day.

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