Do You Watch Your Weight?

This is not a weight loss post, because I would not even know where to start. I was very lucky till college. I used to be active in sports, so I never gained weight in spite of eating chips and cakes on a daily basis. The trouble is I have sweet tooth too, a big one. Coupled with the travel I am doing, I eat all kind of stuff. I am anyway hopeless with curbing my food intake. On the other hand due to my long commute, I do not exercise on a regular basis anymore. So this leaves me in a love hate relationship with the weighing machine.

Indian Food

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I love the weighing machine when I come back from a big trek, I pretty much hate it every other time of the year. I am not the dieting type. As, I said if I eat only salads, I will faint and fall. I did try to cut my diet at one point and it didn’t work at all. I really don’t have a weight problem but I do have a fitness problem. I wish to keep trekking for at least 15 more years. The way my fitness is I am sure sooner rather than later it can become a distant dream.


My Typical Sweet Dish Plate When I Travel

To sum it up, I do not have a weight problem but I used to be thinner. My fitness is in pits and that is a serious concern as I want to keep trekking. And I love sweets so it takes me back to one. Now if I would exercise more I could trek more and I could eat more sweets! I see a New Year resolution taking shape out of this post. I have staunchly stayed away from any New Year resolutions in the past but let us see if they make any difference. I am going to review this next December.

26 thoughts on “Do You Watch Your Weight?

  1. Prashanth M

    I can say I’m bit lucky when it comes weight loss/gain. Irrespective of the fodd consumption, I hardly gain wait. I’m in the same range +/- 3KGs for the last 14-15 years. :D

  2. Preethi Venugopal

    I loved to travel when I was in school .During the yearly trips with my father and mother, We (my father and me) experimented with new cuisine whereas my mother would stick to tested and tasted.

    To confess I hated chocolate..I still don’t know why. I am more of a rice lover (with disastrous results ). I can’t live without it. :D

  3. Rajesh

    I am lucky!. Been around same weight + or – couple of pounds for the last 15 years. May be , because I walk about 2 miles every day (Rain/Shine/Snow) to my work place from train station and a weekend 2 mile walk on treadmill.

  4. Pallavi

    I know what you mean. I not only have a sweet tooth, but I am a self confessed chocoholic. I just cant resist chocolates. I gave up on the weight loss a while ago.. its too painful :D


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