Pune Skies

By Mridula Dwivedi December 13, 2013 23 Comments , , ,

For this Sky Watch I bring forth a few new things. I learned how to create the sun flares at will. In the past I would mange them accidentally but not anymore thank to a Digital Photography School article on sun flares! However, there is one common thread, and that is Pune Skies.

Katraj Lake, Pune

The second new thing is that this is my first time in Pune. Even though it was a short trip, I managed to venture out into the city. I took a brief peak at the Rajiv Gandhi Zoological Park and discovered this magnificent lake Katraj in its backyard! The trees gave me a perfect opportunity to create a sun flare. There is an awesome collection of snakes in the park but I say, there is no substitute for spotting animals in the wild.

Swimming Novotel
The Sunset at Pune, Clicked at Novotel

I was in Pune at Novotel Pune’s invitation. And I am so happy that the leave gods worked in my favor this time. Here, I have been eating desserts like there is no tomorrow. That necessitated a trip to the swimming pool. I went there when the sun was high. Friends on Twitter asked if I would not find it cold? After Delhi, Pune was not cold at all, not even the swimming pool. While swimming, I realized that the sunset was in that direction! So went back at the sunset too. I am happy I did. And this time no sunrises for me. I am really tired, I am looking forward to getting up late everyday till Sunday. This is one of the rare trips when I get back home on Friday and I do not go to work the very next day!

This is a Sky Watch post. And I hope it needs no introduction. If it does just visit the page. I hope you enjoyed my Pune skies.

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