10 Mouth Watering Novotel Pune Food Pictures!

By Mridula Dwivedi December 14, 2013 24 Comments , , ,

Remember I was talking about new year resolutions related to food a few days back! Well they took a severe beating on this trip to Pune with Novotel. I will blame that lavish dessert spread for it. Here is a glimpse of some of the Novotel Pune food. I am sure I have gained 2 kg in two and a half days!

Desserts at Novotel, Pune

10. As far as you can see in this picture, it is the dessert table. With my sweet tooth how could I resist taking multiple items? OK this spread had one small section of salad and one for behl, but other than that everything was sweet. I never touched the salad but I did enjoy the bhel.

They Looked Good!

9. The oranges looked really good as a partition show piece. But on this trip I really did not eat any fruit! Too bad I know. But when I had so many real desserts to choose from, why would I look at fruits?

More Desserts

8. I classify my desserts in two ways, Indian and foreign. I know the names of a few Indian desserts but to me all the foreign ones are cakes and pastries. I know it is bad, more so when the name tags were right next to them! In future, I will click the name tags too so that I can write about them properly. I did not try this one, tempting though it looked. There were way too many to choose from!

Juices galore

7. Red, yellow, green and orange and white, I have to say it was the colors that make me pause. For this pictures, I even removed a name tag to take a better one. The green one is cucumber juice. If you find yourself at Novotel, Pune do give it a try. It tasted fresh and good. Remember to stir it well as they added masala to it.

Indian Dessert
Gajar ka Halwa

6. This was my first gajar ka halwa of the season, and any other I eat, will have to be really good. Unless of course my sister makes it! How I miss being active in sports these days. In spite of liking it a lot I restricted myself to small quantities.


5. I have lived in hostels for close to 11 years. And at one place where I spent 5 years, the daily breakfast was sliced bread. I started to hate bread with all my might. When I said this early on, someone told me I have not discovered real bread. I turned my nose and walked off! But now I know they were right, I really liked their spicy bread which had olive in it.

Fig Sugar Free Dessert

4. For every buffet meal Novotel Pune does a sugar free dessert. Of course I would pick it up but along with 2 to 3 full of sugar desserts. I am not a big fan of sugar free but these were seriously good!


3. These doughnuts are from the breakfast table. For once, I clicked them because they make for a good picture but I did not eat them. I have got nothing against doughnuts, it was just that there were many other things that came up higher in my priority list.


2. Novotel, Pune had a decent South Indian section for breakfast and that is where most of my stuff came from, vads, idilis and doasa! And guess what other than the chutney they also had scrunchy milagai podi.

Pineapple Jalebi

1. I am one of those people who like pineapple to be pineapple and jalebi to be jalebi. I am fond of both actually. When I saw the fusion I was intrigued as well as a bit skeptical. But once I had it I was completely bowled over, so much so that it is my number 1 pick from the lot. I still regret that I had only one! Next time when ever I encounter them again, I will set the record right!


24 thoughts on “10 Mouth Watering Novotel Pune Food Pictures!”

  1. How innocent you are! I love the way you admit you don’t know something straight away… The more I read your tales, the more I feel your kind heart 🙂 And to be frank, food posts are really very very bad! I am afraid if I would change into a foodie! 😀

    I got a message stating that I was messaging too fast, So, had type this again 🙁

    The Arts & Me

    1. So you too are not a foodie? Neither am I but somehow I ended up doing a post here. And thanks for pointing out that I admitted my ignorance straight away 😀 I thought it was not a big deal!

    1. Pallavi I took my weight as soon as I came back and thankfully I have not gained any weight! I thought I would have gained 2 kg at least. 😀

  2. Mridula… just had a cold salad for dinner… and then i saw this… i need to have some comfort food now… :((((…. Jokes apart… what a beautiful visual post 🙂

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