5 New Year Resolutions I will Like to Keep

This is a first. In my 8 years of blogging I never did any New Year resolutions. I wonder why 2013 and 2014 feel a bit different. I have this urge of making a few new year resolutions and going public with them too!

5. Fitness or Bust: I used to be an athlete. I could run for 10 kilometers in the morning and then run some more in the evening. I represented my state in 800 m and high jump. I stayed in a sports hostel for a few months. From there to zilch has been a painful journey. I am living on borrowed fitness on my treks. I realized in 2012 when I did the Everest Base Camp Trek. I can still trek but it more due to determination than fitness. This should change, 2014 should be the year. Otherwise as my cousin on FB said- कसरत करते युग गया, तनिक घटा न पेट। असरत-कसरत छांड़ दे, खा-पी कर के लेट!


Night Owl No More

4. Sleep Deprivation: I am a night owl by inclination. It feels so right to stay up till 12-1 at night. The trouble is my waking up time is fixed, I have to go to work. More trouble is that these days I am staying up late more or less regular thing. It leaves me very tired. I hope I will be able to change this in 2014.

3. Better Pictures: I love taking pictures. I see a lot of things through my camera and not with my eyes first. If I do not get a picture, it feels no good seeing it just with my eyes. I know there are a lot of people who feel just the opposite. Feeling that way comes naturally to them. Feeling this way comes naturally to me! So it is obvious that I want to take better pictures in 2014.


Pictures and More Pictures!

2. Enjoying More on a Trip: I can be so obsessed with taking pictures that I forget to enjoy on a trip. I sulk and sulk if I do not get good pictures. While I do want to take good pictures, if due to some reason I cannot, it should be no reason to sulk on a trip! In fact enjoying should come first and pictures should come second but I am not sure if I can achieve that!

1. Becoming More Environmentally Conscious: I love nature, I love to travel. And yet beyond average day to day activities like not wasting water, avoiding plastics I do nothing, I know nothing about environmental issues. This should change.

Do you make new year resolutions? Do you review them say half way through?

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32 thoughts on “5 New Year Resolutions I will Like to Keep”

  1. really appreciate your willingness to be more conscious about mother earth.

    Resolution 2 applies to me also.

    Photographs are the microcosm of my thoughts and feelings at that moment but I am so obsessed with it that later I realized that I forgot to enjoy actually.


  2. Good luck to you and may god help you fulfill all your resoultions. Inspired by you I am going to Baghban.

  3. Wonderful resolutions and Sleep is what I need more too
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to you 🙂

  4. Happy new year, Mridula!!!
    May you accomplish all the things on your resolution list this year! No. 4 should be on my list too! 🙂

  5. Wonderful resolutions. This reminds me that I still have to make my resolutions. May you accomplish all your resolution , All the best.
    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 🙂

  6. Wow.New Year Resolutions,I never made one :).But I think I am inspired with your posts,may be will decide on some of the things.I actually don’t like taking so many pictures when I travel,I love to enjoy as much as I can.But I don’t mind taking pictures but sometimes you just miss a moment while taking picture,so dat should change for me,and tat will.I guess 2014 is the year to relax and chill without having to exert too much

  7. Great set of resolutions, I am also like you on the pictures front! A crappy trip can also be remembered as awesome if I get one great shot and sadly the opposite is quite true as well.

    And I’m with you on resolution 4, getting so tired these days! It’s just plain irritating. Have to change in 2014.

    • Same here Neelima. Like now, I should be packing and calling it a day. And here I am.

  8. Good New Resolutions – here’s wishing you all the best in committing to them through the year that begins in a week’s time.

    I haven’t started thinking about the New Year resolution but your post has motivated me to get cracking on it. Thanks for that!

    • Sanand I generally do not make resolutions but this year I thought why not, let me give them a try!

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