Kaleidoscopic Skies

By Mridula Dwivedi December 27, 2013 12 Comments

What do you do when you run out of pictures for sky watch? I tried to play in the backyard. I tried with the sun burst first. I was getting OK pictures but nothing that I wanted to post. If you want to click the sun burst make sure to get the sun peeping out through trees or any such medium. Use the camera in the aperture mode. Set the aperture to 22. That usually does the trick. Even if you are not using a SLR but your camera allows you to change settings this can be tried.

Sky Watch
Backyard Sky Watch!

While I was clicking the pictures Chhavi, was playing in the same park. Gradually both of us got tired and headed back home. She ran to watch a cartoon and I to the balcony to see if sunset would offer some possibilities. That is one balcony in my home that catches sunlight. So it is the favorite haunt of Chhavi and her grandfather in winters. While looking at the photo opportunities I saw her toy lying around. It was a small kaleidoscope. I saw my opportunity there to click kaleidoscopic skies!

Kaleidoscopic Skies
Kaleidoscopic Skies

I clicked many pictures but surprisingly I liked only one, the one that I have posted. I have tried this once before with blue skies but I like the sunset results better. The task for the next time is to use a different lens, this one I took with 50 mm prime. I used one of her books as a base. Both the kaleidoscope and the book have been kept away for safe use next time.

On another note I am heading out today, this time to the hills, near Shimla. I will be back on Sunday night. I am not sure of the internet connection other than my phone, so I am not lugging my heavy laptop. Looking forward to this cold trip. The accommodation is tent style so my sincere hope is that I am not going to freeze to death.

PS. This post is part of Sky Watch Friday. Do check them out, it is a super cool theme.


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