Mountains or Sea?

By Mridula on November 29, 2013
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For a long time I thought I liked both the mountains and sea equally. Then came an opportunity when I could have gone to either and I picked up the mountains. After the Everest Base Camp Trek there was no doubt, I am much more of a mountain person than sea.


Sunset at Deoriatal, Uttarakhand

This not the classic Deoriatal sunset. I got away from the lake as it was grey the day I was there. In the opposite direction there was still some color in the sky. I have to go back to Deoriatal one day to see that classic view.


Sunset at Fort Kochi, Kerala

On the other hand a vacation by the sea means walking by the shore gently and not trekking furiously! I like some of my holidays to be more even paced. So I still love the sea. What about you? Which one do you prefer the mountains or sea?

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44 thoughts on “Mountains or Sea?

  1. Pallavi

    I loved both the pictures equally. For me, I would have to say mountains . Since I live in Singapore near the ocean, I crave for the mountains. There is something mystical about having a hot cup of coffee , wrapped up in woolens, breathing the fresh air and watching an awe inspiring sunset in the hills :)

  2. Namaki

    I like both although I grew up by the seaside and lived on a small Caribbean Island, tall volcano surrounded by the sea. I now live in the mountainous bask-country of Nice on the French Riviera and I overlook the Mediterranean Sea … I am bond to like both ! And… I like both your pictures but still prefer the first one … makes me think of infinity !

  3. Anuradha Shankar

    Beautiful pics, Mridula! i still do love the mountains and the sea equally, but then, I am not going to go trekking in the mountains anyway! as long as it simply involves a bit of walking and then sitting down to watch the sight, any sight is fine by me :D


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