Another Daughter Mother Trip

By Mridula Dwivedi November 4, 2013 18 Comments ,

Chhavi and I are heading out again, this time to the hills. So another daughter mother trip is about to start, It is a last minute trip. Actually my institute declared one full week of holidays after Diwali and it was such a opportunity to go traveling again! We are heading to Uttarakhand. After June I have not been to the Himalayas and I have been missing them!

Mountain Road

Going to be On the Road Again

As this was a last minute trip I had not even booked the train tickets. Even though Chhavi is quite well behaved while traveling a bus journey was something I wanted to avoid. So I gave Tatkal tickets a try for the first time. I wanted to book a train which goes via Gurgaon but I had no luck with it. In fact try logging in to IRCTC at 10.00 am and see what a difficult experience it is!

I just persisted even though I would get 503 error, incomplete login and what not. About 11.00 am, after one hour of trying, I managed to book two tickets in Shatabdi. To my surprise when I did the booking there were 122 seats left in Tatkal for tomorrow’s Dehradun Shatabdi!

So Chhavi and I are off tomorrow to Uttarakhand. Our trip involves a small trek as well which we hope to manage to complete with the help of our trusted guide in the region, Sohan Singh Bisht. As the trip was sudden I have not scheduled anything for the blog. I may schedule one or two posts but generally it is going to be a break from blogging as well!

So see you all next week. Now if only my packing could get done all by itself! With Chhavi the most important thing is to pack a copy and a pen so that she can entertain herself at a place where there is no TV.


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  1. I made a sudden visit to Varanasi last week and faced similar issues while booking rail tickets. Though I managed to get a ticket on longer time train but trip was amazing!

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