The Bumpy Ride from Beshishehar to Sangey, Nepal

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These days as I have started playing around with videos I am looking at my old folders as well. I remember this bumpy ride from Beshishehar to Sangey really well. It required a strong back, it was that bumpy.  Sangey could be one of the starting points of Annapurna Circuit Trek in Nepal.

The Bumpy Road to Sangey, Nepal

While going for the trek, I took the jeep and the road for granted. While coming back, it was another story. There were a lot of rains which washed away the roads, so there was no jeep. Which meant I had to walk more and more and in the end I realized that sometimes finding a jeep could be almost the best part in a rain soaked trek!

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8 thoughts on “The Bumpy Ride from Beshishehar to Sangey, Nepal

  1. Ragini Puri

    You would have walked faster compared to the trudging in this jeep!

    The video reminded me of my trek from Mcleodganj to Triund and then further up to Laaka (snowline near Indrahar Pass)

    Thanks for sharing.


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