Note to Self- Stop, Pause, Slow Down

By Mridula Dwivedi October 9, 2013 32 Comments

The year 2013 started with a missed approach at the Delhi Airport. Later in January I went to Alwar with Seshadri and Chhavi. In February I started cribbing that all my trips were getting cancelled. But boy I traveled some after that. I went to Kashmir in early March and ten days later I was in Rishikesh. By the end of March I was in Jagatsukh.

In mid April I went to Sri Lanka. As soon as I arrived from Sri Lanka one day later I was visiting Shillong and Guwahati for work. And while I was in Guwahati the good folks from South Africa Tourism were doing my visa to visit their beautiful country. May saw me visiting South Africa. Early June was Nepal where I trekked through the Annapurna Circuit Trek. As soon as I came back within a few days I headed to Te Aroha in Uttarakhand. In July I visited Kerala. August beginning saw me at Suryagarh. Later I visited Pushkar and Lakshman Sagar. In fact Kerala, Suryagarh and Lakshman Sagar were on three consecutive weekends! In September I went to Thailand and Cambodia. The coming weekend I am heading to Rajasthan again with my daughter.


It is Time to Stop, Pause and Slow Down

As I work full time so whatever time of night I arrive from a trip, the very next day I am at work so that I can save leaves. Add to it that I try to update my blog almost daily. And I am not even counting the events I have attended in Delhi. From this year I have had a few working Saturdays as well. I am not cribbing as I can take a compensatory off in lieu of that Saturday and those days go into traveling again. But I am so tired by now. It is time to stop, pause and slow down. My body is telling me that it is too tired now.

So the note to self is to slow down. From now till November end I either have working Saturdays or I am traveling on weekends. Only the Diwali week is not fixed as of now. So it is all the more important that I slow down! The only thing I can do is to retire early at night. But it is easier said than done! I am a night owl and my waking up time is fixed as I have to turn up at work.

So this is a stern note to self to pack up early each night till November or else my body will find other ways to get the much needed rest. On that note I am signing off for today!


32 thoughts on “Note to Self- Stop, Pause, Slow Down”

  1. Indeed you need to slow down a bit..It will do overall good to you.. 🙂
    And BT W How do get so much Holidays and How to you manage travel So much?

    1. Harsha most of them were extended weekend trips. Also being in academics it is easier to take leave during summer vacations.

  2. OMG ……so much of travel …i must say you are very lucky and how do you manage full time work and traveling almost every month ….i am JJJJ .I think you are fortunate to have a good manager unlike me 🙁

    1. Njoy I work in academia so yes I do have a little more freedom in taking my entitled leaves plus when it is summer vacation the classes are off.

  3. Yup, its good once in a while to sit back and relax…before the body indicates burnout! So strange na….when people feel worked up and fatigued they go travelling and the very same activity gets your schedule so hectic..:) But thats passion and I can understand coz I dont mind late nights and dark circles as long as I get time to blog!

  4. First…I am amazed you travel so much. But u do need to ease off a bit. .am glad you plan to. Like anita said..many can only dream of what you do. Its really impressive that you travel, manage a family and a career. But then I guess everyone has to back down a bit sometime or the other. I know its probably tough for you to do what you plan to do…but hold on…stay put for a while…we are around to help you unwind 🙂

  5. I think we are in the same boat. This year has been crazy. There was a time I flew out 4 times in a single month!!

    Now I have consciously cut down on my travels… have decided to make it maximum of 2 trips per month and so have been politely declining invitations & offers. And I hardly entertain local invites. They are too many to handle!

    Go slow, as Lady Fi said, cut down your blogging ( I know it’s difficult for you) :), restore your energies, it’ll do good for you.

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