The Road Trip- Poipet Siem Reap

I have long given up trying to click pictures from a moving bus. I mean I do click a few when I see beautiful landscape but without much hope. Most of them get blurred. My road trip from Poipet-Siem Reap was an exception. Poipet is on the Thailand-Cambodia border and popular for road crossing. The sky was full of white fluffy clouds, and with the rolling paddy fields it was a magical combination. It kept me glued to my window seat!

I liked the landscape so much that I tried to click pictures in earnest. There are only three good ones to show for all my effort. But I am happy that I gave it a try! I was also very sleepy from constant late nights which was all my fault, I had to update my blog, Facebook and Twitter every day, that meant late nights. A moving vehicle’s rhythm is so soothing to already sleepy eyes but I managed to stay awake all through the trip and glued to the window. It was that beautiful!

Paddy Fields, Poipet Siem Reap Road, Cambodia

 Paddy Fields, Poipet Siem Reap Road, Cambodia

There were so many spots when I want the bus to stop so that I could take a proper picture. But with a bus full of bloggers, if they really allowed us to do that we would reach Siem Reap two days later!

Paddy Fields, Cambodia

The Scenic Drive, Poipet-Siem Reap, Cambodia

The entire drive was a feast to the eyes! I can only imagine what it would be like to see the fields at sunrise/sunset. I hope I will these fields again, maybe on a trip with my family and soon. The Poipet Siem Reap journey otherwise is of roughly three hours.

This post is part of Sky Watch Friday. Do check them out. It is addictive.

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    • Thank you Renuka but these are the few that came out well, rest did come out blurred!

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