One More Time- In Quest of the Elusive Tiger

My tiger sightings till date stand at zero. Where ever I go, others see the tiger and I get to see the gleam in their eyes while they tell me their stories. It has been the story of every of my wildlife safaris barring two Gir and South Africa. But unfortunately both the places don’t have tigers. So I have seen lions, elephants, Cape buffaloes, rhinos, hippos and what not tiger can not be included in this list!

I have been to various national parks (Jim Corbett, Kanha, Rajaji National Parks to name just a few) and yet the result is still zero sightings. I am heading out again to Panna and Bandhavgarh National Parks with Pugdundee Safaris. Let us see how this one goes.

Don’t get me wrong, I am excited to be heading out of NCR, I am excited about staying in the jungle but by now I have done too many tigerless safaris. So what is the harm in hoping that my luck might change this time? I know I will have a good time anyway but it has been enough and I would be happy if my tiger jinx gets broken. And then there are friends who manage to see tigers on every single trip they go to! Jungle gods are you listening? This time I too want to spot a tiger, please.

If it is not, well then there is always the next month!

13 thoughts on “One More Time- In Quest of the Elusive Tiger”

  1. Well, I am also sailing in the same boat. I haven’t been able to spot a tiger yet 🙁 It’s my burning dream to look straight into the ferocious animal one day!

  2. So I wish you Good Luck in spotting a Tiger..If not this time then next time head to Kaziranga National Park or Manas Tiger Reserve in Assam.. 😀

  3. hey, sorry to find you to be Tiger-less person.

    Why don’t you volunteer for the National Tiger Census that is gonna start from December? Check with the nearest national park or your state’s forest department regarding this.

    I am also eagerly waiting for the applications forms to be available.

    Happy Grr..

  4. I have been on such a quest for years now and still no luck 🙁 I wonder when my luck will turn. Once we even heard the langur call and a huge group of deer sprinting away at Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary, but it all ended in a damp squib. I am sure you will return with loads of images of the coveted cat.

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