Walking on Stilts in Thailand- A Video

We visited the Puan village- Ban Dong Krathong Yam in interior Thailand. It was a peaceful village with a stunning temple and a large community hall. The people were hospitable and hosted us for sumptuous lunch. They also put on an excellent cultural show for us with the ASEAN theme. However the activity that provided a lot of fun was walking on stilts!

This area in Thailand is known for preserving its ancient ways of living. It also provides home stays to the tourists. We visited an ancient Thai house as part of our visit as well. I tried hard to find a website for the home stay but unfortunately I was told that it is in the local language only. Today I present the fun side of my visit to the village, we were given an opportunity to try our hands, or should I say feet, at walking on stilts. A stilt is a stick with a protrusion where you can barely put your feet!

In the video, there is a pro, various novices and one surprise package amongst us. The old man from the village is the pro! Walking on stilts came so naturally to him!

Stilt Walking in Thailand and What Fun it Was

I didn’t even try, I was content watching others biting the dust! But the loud laughter you here in the video is mine. I am usually game for trying anything new but not this time, I know when it is way beyond my league. But this was one activity where the audiences also had a gala time!

Actually it is a set of different clips that I have merged in Movie Maker. I told you before going that I will try my hand at videos and here I am, doing just that. But I need to be more consistent with it.

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