Sunrise at Angkor Wat, Cambodia

It was monsoon when I visited Siem Reap. The visit to Angkor Wat was not officially on agenda. So I made efforts to get it on my agenda and I was successful too! Well partially successful I should say as weather is something that is beyond anybody’s control!

Sunrise at Angkor Wat

If I do not do anything else today, my day has been made. I went out of schedule to visit Angkor Wat at sunrise. My day started at 4.30 am. I had my umbrella with me. I was determined to go, come rain or sunshine! The rain gods were mildly kind to me. At least there was no rain and there was some kind of a sunrise too. So here is a video of the sunrise at Angkor Wat in Siem Reap Cambodia.

I was warned by others that I had to go in early to get a place near the water body. I was not sure what to expect. Now that I have been there, it really gets crowded and you cannot get near the temple if you do not go early in the morning. And this was not even some special holiday, this was a normal day in the life of Angkor Wat I guess!

There are small shops nearby who try to lure you for breakfast once the sun has gone up high and people have lost interest in it. It sounded like a good idea, only mine was waiting for me at the hotel! My tuktuk driver was also outside waiting to take me back to my hotel Sokha Angkor.

Then I visited the temple again at 8.30 am with the ASEAN Media Group and explored it in greater detail. Siem Reap is is not a place, it is a concept. It is am amazing place. I head back to Bangkok today and them home tomorrow.

I hope you enjoyed the video. It is an amazing place and I guess it is cheaper to visit than many places in India.

14 thoughts on “Sunrise at Angkor Wat, Cambodia”

    • I guess once you have been there you will never forget it! And this is just one temple out of many!

    • Anu you just have to plan. It is not an expensive destination. Go via Bangkok and if you wish do the road transfer.

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