Street Game at Border Market, Aranyaprathet, Thailand

By Mridula Dwivedi September 18, 2013 No Comments , ,

Do you remember my note to self before I headed to Thailand and Cambodia? It is time to put point No. 3 (more videos) in action. I spotted the youth playing a kind of shuttle game with all parts of their body, only the use of hands was barred.

I was not sure how would they react if I stood there and clicked pictures. But to my good luck they completely ignored me! That way I can click pictures and record in peace. When it comes to street photography my timidness is legendary. And I have not improved over the years!

Street Game, Border Market, Aranyaprathet, Thailand

I was surprised that they had a proper net and all in the busy marketplace. They were dressed stylishly as well. Look at the sling bag hanging from the shoulder of one of the players!

During my strolls through such street markets in Thailand I realized it is a way of life for people who have shops there. I have seen people eating their lunch in a quiet corner. They mostly eat boiled noodles and no wonder they are so thin!

Then I have seen babies in cradles, sleeping, playing or drinking milk! I saw one chubby girl sitting on a low chair and table doing her homework amidst the bustle of the market!

I think I am going to give videos a serious try and I need to set a reminder which blares in my ears before every trip. A lot of new tricks to learn. But I am enjoying doing videos. So be warned, you will get to see more of them now at Travel Tales from India. And the initial efforts are going to be like this only! The border market is a very colorful place. A photo feature about it coming up soon. In the mean while enjoy the video.


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