Photography Notes to Self Before I Head to Thailand and Cambodia

I would be heading out to Thailand and Cambodia this week itself. Travel Tales from India and I got lucky again. I have been invited by the Tourism Authority of Thailand for this trip. Before I head out here are photography notes to self!

Blurred Picture

Blurred Picture, South African Bush Fire

5. Carry that Damn Tripod: I am not a professional photographer. I picked up photography because I like to travel. Then there is this blog where I can showcase them. My readers appreciated my work and that propelled me to try to do even better. Heck I don’t even have a camera bag. So at times I get lazy about carrying that damn tripod. Or I forget to carry the tripod to the trip itself (and I can’t tell you how many times I wanted to kick myself when I did that). Not this time. I am going to treat my tripod like an umbrella on a rainy day. That way I will not have to look at pixelated or blurred shots when I come back to the hotel.

Imagine This at Dawn!

Imagine This at Dawn!

4. Click at Least One Dawn: If you listen to professional photographers like Steve Winter they swear by getting up at the crack of dawn every time. I am not an early riser by any stretch of imagination. On a rare day when I can somehow open my eyes  just a  crack, I invariably will find the sky overcast. That makes me quite happy because I can go back to sleep again. The next day I happily sleep through, only to wake up to clear views in the morning. And then I curse myself for being lazy. This time I am going to make an effort to catch at least one good dawn (if anything from this list is going to fall flat, this has the highest probability). Why do I always want to sleep 10 minutes more?

3. Try Your Hand at Videos: I make only partial attempts at making videos. This time I am going to make at least 3/4 hearted attempts. If the videos still do not come out well, I will simply not post them.

Including a Human Being

Remember to Add Human Beings at least Occasionally! 

2. Try Telling a Story: I like nature, I usually click nothing but nature. This time I am going to click nature but I will try to be less allergic to everything else. After all there is all that gorgeous food to be clicked, till I can gather courage to click people.

Clicking the Same Picture Again and Agin

Clicking the Same Picture Again and Again

1. Go Beyond Your Single Subject Blindness: When I read about single subject blindness on DPS it resonated with me immediately. I suffer from the disease. I come back home thinking I have 500 pictures from the destination. In reality I may have just 50 unique images.Sometimes, I need to shoot continuously for wildlife but why I shoot the same nature scene 50 times is beyond me!

Now the proof of the pudding would be once I come back and serve it here. I am looking forward to my trip. In the meanwhile what do you consider to be your biggest photography limitation? Do you write photography notes to self?

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15 thoughts on “Photography Notes to Self Before I Head to Thailand and Cambodia”

  1. Waiting eagerly to read about your visit to Thailand and Cambodia . Cambodia, because I was there last September , and Thailand because I will be visiting shortly . You have sparked my curiosity as I`m sure you will see and capture things about these places that I have missed. Wish you a Happy Journey , and will wait eagerly for your post !

  2. Best of luck. Waiting for your photos. Honestly, your post was kind of rude awakening and I did self analysis of my past 3 years pictures and realized what I was missing.

    #5 – I carry my tripod all the time. Yay – I scored a brownie

    #4 – I do not have any dawn pictures in last 3 years – 🙁

    #3 – Never attempted video – 🙁

    #2 – No story telling – 🙁

    #1 – I didn’t realize that I too have #5 disease till I read your post. Looking back at my photos I see that I am afraid to shoot humans as well.

    Wow! scored 1 out of 5. Well, this is a new beginning and I will start looking around and thanks for awakening me!


  3. Great Tips, 95% of the time I take my tripod even if I don’t use it on that shoot. The other 5% of the time I don’t have it, I wish I had it. Have a Great Adventure on this trip.

  4. Nice ideas ….tripod could be very useful to capture the scenic beauty of Thailand 🙂 , usually out of laziness i don’t carry them and later curse myself 🙁 on missing to get capture a perfect shot.

  5. Well said Mridula! I sometimes just let go off the idea of capturing blue hours and just leave my tripod in hotel. Plus, it’s so heavy to carry it everywhere! sometimes I just feel like travelling without any gears and keep my hands free!

  6. Dawn 🙂 they make you addicted .. and I am an addict .. dusk and dawn both . in fact I have may be more than 1000 clicks of the sky and its changing color and mood ..
    Best of Luck for your trip ahead .. and pardon me for not being regular at your space which inspires me always to work harder to be able to live a life of a traveler some day soon 🙂


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