Sky Watch Friday- Blue Skies from Jagatsukh, Himachal Pradesh

By Mridula Dwivedi September 6, 2013 14 Comments , ,

I am missing my mountains. The last time I ventured that way was in June (Nepal) but I got too much rain and clouds. So, when I was rummaging through my old pictures of the blue skies from Jagatsukh appealed to my senses instantly.

Jagatsukh is just 6 km away from Manali but it is a different world out there. It is much more peaceful than the main town which is now overrun by tourists. However if you are looking for city attractions like malls, shops etc, you will not find them in Jagatsukh. It is on the Manali Naggar Road towards Naggar. There are two very old temple right behind the main market.

Blue Skies, Jagatsukh, Himachal Pradesh

Blue Skies and Snow Capped Mountains, Jagatsukh, Himachal Pradesh

I still remember the day so clearly. It was a cold morning in the hills. I made an effort to get out early to click some pictures. There was hardly anyone out at that early hour. The air was crisp and cold. It was also not polluted, which is a luxury for someone who lives in Gurgaon. You can breathe in deeply and not breathe fumes. As the movement of vehicles had not started many birds were lounging in the trees around the road. They vanished later when the road movement started.

Morning Sky, Jagatsukh, Himachal Pradesh

Morning Sky, Jagatsukh, Himachal Pradesh

I hope I will be able to haul myself out of the bed on many other mornings to enjoy such beautiful scenes. Most of the times I prefer to sleep through the sunrise! Though I have a strong suspicion that it is easier said than done. Why is it so tempting to sleep through in the morning?

This post is part of Sky Watch Friday. Do check them out. My interest in the skies is entirely out of taking part in this fun and beautiful theme.

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14 thoughts on “Sky Watch Friday- Blue Skies from Jagatsukh, Himachal Pradesh”

  1. Wow, the pics make me envy you, you literally been to heaven with those mountains.
    Thanks for the share.

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