Lazy Sunday Photo- CTD Temple Pond, Fort Kochi, Kerala

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I had limited time in Fort Kochi. I initially tried to walked around the city but gave up soon. I then hired an auto and the driver, Sabu Babu took me around.

CTD Temple Pond, Fort Kochi, Kerala

CTD Temple Pond, Fort Kochi, Kerala 

He took me to Cochin Thirumala Devaswom Temple also known as CTD Temple. The main temple was closed at that time but there is this pond nearby with a temple. To enter you have to squeeze through an iron barrier to go inside. It was such a tranquil beauty.  Do give it a try when you are in Fort Kochi.

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18 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Photo- CTD Temple Pond, Fort Kochi, Kerala

  1. Chitra

    Mridula, I am so happy to see the photo here. this is my home town and the temple is our community temple. there is no need to squeeze thru if you are in the Eastern side. the gates are wide and open always( excluding temple timings). The other sides of the temple does have this barriers to prevent stray animals entering the temple and also the temple rears lot of cows to prevent them from going out and shall I say more for security reasons too..
    I have blogged abt this in My pilgrimage.
    the temple tank appears full to the brim..bcos of monsoons. Next time you plan do let me know shall take you around..I think there are still many places that you can look around.
    This temple has the largest bell in Asia.


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