Dhikur Pokhari, Nepal

Dhikur Pokhari is a small lake on the way from Pissang to Manang, on the Annapurna Circuit Trek. Dhikur means pigeon and Pokhahri means a small pond. So the name literally means a pond of pigeons.

Dhikur Pokhri, Nepal

Dhikur Pokhri, Annapurna Circuit Trek, Nepal

While I didn’t see to many pigeons there were two ducks of some kind at a far distance on the pond. I did not go chasing them for a photo as my legs were already weary and Manang (our next stop) was a long way ahead. How do I know what the name means? My guide explained it to me. And once more I really miss not being able to see the high mountains as I went there in monsoon.

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  1. Lake of Pigeons is much nicer than something names after a famous explorer. Love everything about this photo, but especially that I can see that peak in the distance as well as the lake close by.


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