A Playful South African Elephant

This South African elephant was in a playful mood at the Manyeleti Game Reserve in the Limpopo region. They look so majestic. And all the rangers considered the charge of an elephant extremely dangerous.

An African Elephant Splashing Mud, Manyeleti Game Reserve

An African Elephant Splashing Mud, Manyeleti Game Reserve

But for quite sometime on a lazy afternoon this one kept playing with mud and water. And I so enjoyed clicking it.

African Elephant

And tomorrow I should be back from Nepal and to live blogging. In the meanwhile here is another picture of the same elephant.

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12 thoughts on “A Playful South African Elephant”

  1. at last a post from you !! I guess its telepathy .. I was thinking about your blog and your Nepal trip yesterday itself !! 🙂

    The elephants specifically South Africans with Bigger Ears and bigger built are my favourite .. i have seen them so many times .. alas, its on Discovery,Animal Planet or Net Geo only 😀

    Welcome back !!

  2. what a close interaction with Haathi mere Saathi. very nicely captured pics Mridula…and seeing the elephant one too feels like going playfull..and play around in mud 😀 😀


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