Lazy Sunday Photo- Zebras in the Wild

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Before I visited South Africa I had seen zebras only in books or on TV. So it was a great experience to see them in the wild!

Zebras in the Wild, South Africa

Zebras in the Wild, Manyeleto Game Reserve, South Africa

This herd was standing quite close to the road. They didn’t go very far when our jeep stopped next to them. The wildlife in South Africa is just amazing!

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8 thoughts on “Lazy Sunday Photo- Zebras in the Wild

  1. Mridula Post author

    My Say I waited for them to look my way 😀

    Aamjunta good suggestion, will keep this in mind!

    Yes Easwar wildlife is majestic.

    Anu I am sure you will see them in the wild too.

    Niranjan they will keep pouring in. 😀

    Thank you Harsha.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Debopam.


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