Travelling Solo Vs Travelling with a Chatter Box

I recently went to Sri Lanka with my younger nephew who is also known as Brat 2. Of course there is a Brat 1, his elder brother, and there are two more, Brats 3 and 4. Brat 3 is my niece and 4 my daughter. The numbering is according to the age, Brat 1 being eldest and Brat 4 is the youngest. It is difficult to say who is the biggest brat of them all. The first time we traveled together it was Brat 1 and 2 with my husband I and we trekked through Goa. At that point I was taller than Brat 2 and he is 6 feet 3 now! Both of them were in school then.

I have a theory, the kids who start speaking late try to make it up for the rest of their lives. Brat 2 and my daughter both fall in that category. Brat 2 started speaking quiet late and so did Brat 4, Chhavi. And now both of them can talk to themselves! Brat 3 (my niece) also is on the quieter side  and I shudder to think when she tries to catch up.

The last Brat 1, 2 and I traveled together was to Barog in 2009, they were college students then. Now both of them work! I had almost forgotten what fun it is to travel with them.

Brat 2 and I at Galle, Sri Lanka

Brat 2 and I at Galle, Sri Lanka

At Sri Lanka almost all the time there was a constant chatter next to me! As I said he can talk to himself if need be and a topic is not necessary! And when I went to Shillong right after it, it was way too quiet for my liking. I actually like peace and quiet. I can happily be by myself but traveling on one trip after the other, one with a chatter box and one without, brought out a different perspective.

Brat 2 has done an internship in Russia and on the Unawatuna roads he would often say to me, “Bua that person is a Russian.” He said it so many times that I got openly skeptical!

Prakash, The Boatman at Koggala Lake, Sri Lanka

Prakash, The Boatman at Koggala Lake, Sri Lanka

Then came a boat ride where the young lad who steered the boat told us, “Ninety percent of the tourists in this region are Russian. And I am learning Russian.” And after that I just had it, he kept telling me, “Why would you believe me? It has to be another person who has to say the same.”

Brat 1 has yet not got a passport neither has Brat 4 but one day I want to travel with all the four and see how it goes! Hopefully I will still have some black hair on my head after such a trip. In the end I have to traveling with chatter boxes is a lot of fun!

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14 thoughts on “Travelling Solo Vs Travelling with a Chatter Box”

  1. I have always been with the nephews and nieces, right from their kindergarden to their driving licenses. so yes, the bond is very special. My nephews are not chatterboxes , infact lost in their own world most of the times. so im glad you have one fro company. Loved your pics.

  2. Heart warming post Mridula.
    Long live the brats. Chatter boxes or not.

  3. Meena he must have read the comment 😀

    My Say I will agree, they make great company and they are good boys 😀

    Thumbelina nephews and nieces are a boon!

    Thank you Lady Fi.

    Easwar I hope your wife doesn’t follow your comments!!!

    Thanks Farzana and Ali.

    Madhu thank you for the heart warming comment 😀

    Murthy thank you.

    Vishal amen to that!

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