From Sri Lanka to Shillong- Some Days I Feel Tired

By Mridula Dwivedi May 1, 2013 11 Comments ,

I cannot believe that a few months before I was talking about cancelled trips! I have traveled a lot since then. I went to Gulmarg, then we first went to Jagatsukh, then to Sri Lanka and finally I traveled for work to Guwahati and Shillong. And I never thought I would say it but I feel tired today.

Shillong, Meghalaya

Shillong, Meghalaya

Actually between Sri Lanka and Shillong there was hardly a gap! I arrived on 23 April, late at night, took a colleague out for lunch on 24th along with completing paper work for another visa (let me get it and the details to fall in place and then I will talk about the destination. All I can say now is that I am excited) and left the next day for Guwahati from office itself. Now that was hectic. I landed yesterday night at Delhi and today I was back at work (I save leaves for travel so no off day for me just because I am a little tired).

I have never traveled like this before and I have to say I found it hectic. I am not saying that I would ever give up on a trip because it was hectic. But before this stretch I never thought of travel and hectic in the same sentence.

Also with functional internet connection at both Sri Lanka and North East India I managed to keep blogging which adds to something, I don’t know what. Don’t get me wrong, I love having internet connection while I travel but it means after everything is over I have to find some time to write a post. I know this is self imposed and no one is forcing me to do it but then it probably adds to the fatigue. And I can hardly fall asleep if I have not blogged that day!

The Sea at Mirissa Beach, Sri Lanka

The Sea at Mirissa Beach, Sri Lanka

Also I started missing home food. We are no great cooks and the food is very average at home but after a few weeks of being on the road I was longing for some daal, chawal and ghar ka sabzi. This is also a first for me! Of course I missed my daughter too, a little more than all my previous trips this time!

So while I am looking forward to my trip in mid May (I do hope all the chips fall in place) but from now to 9th I want to recover first. I am going to keep my weekends free and not cram anything else in between. Or so I hope!

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11 thoughts on “From Sri Lanka to Shillong- Some Days I Feel Tired”

  1. should i on the contrary say , I envy you ? hehehe … its so so awesome …. so much more than being seated looking at your computer for 11 – 12 hrs any day on an avg … and term the money making monotonous stuff as JOB ? well… your posts are a gr8 inspiration for how I plan my future sooner than later … 🙂 Anyways , I had this in my mind … the last time I checked the Shillong Photos … how come suddenly you are in Shillong 🙂 ? See, I am slowly keeping track of your travel plans as well… (post completion) hahaha!!

  2. Mridula, you remind me of When Tsang and Fa Hien!
    id I read something familiar here? If I miss ‘daal, chawal and ghar ka sabzi’ for more than a week, I feel starvation setting in my bones. Maybe that is why I avoid travelling! 😉

  3. Haa a bigg hug to u! jus take a weeken doff n am sure u will be back on monday asking for next travel 😀

  4. Are you a trip /travel planner also?
    If not, you can be because with this speed of travel you must be having vast knowledge of travel destinations, accommodation, budget, fare, Tour Guide etc.

  5. Thank you Farzana and Ali.

    Thank you Easwar.

    Thanks Sahil.

    My Say 😀 I too was surprised how I ended up in Shillong 😀 Actually I traveled at the gap of one day. This time it was really good to be back home though!

    Sangeeta thank you, one has to try and take up every opportunity, after all life is too short!

    Umashankar traveling for work is different 😀 Otherwise travel if fun. Write a travel themed story sometime!

    Meena 😀 You know me too well!

    Tushar for Sri Lanka I had to plan as it was a vacation but North East was work so we just saw whatever we could. Overall I am not much of a planner.

    Debopam thank you, right now the energy levels are still on the lower side though. But yes I guess weekend will cure it all.

  6. I am sure it was just one of those days and wanderlust will not leave you. 🙂

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