Sky Watch Friday- Sunrise at Durban, South Africa

I am not a sunrise person, there was a time when I could blissfully sleep through all the sunrises in the world. But that was before I started playing ‘photographer.’ I now try to get up at sunrise as I know it often makes for beautiful pictures. Doing so in Durban was not too difficult anyway as they are three and a half hours behind us. So getting up at six there meant 9.30 India time which is not bad at all.

Sunrise at Durban, South Africa

Sunrise from my Hotel Window, at Durban, South Africa

I was staying at Southern Sun Elangani and what an incredible view I had! And before you start wondering how come I went to such a far away place from India, I was invited by South Africa Tourism. And since I came back (this Sunday) I have been dreaming of the place and of ways to go back again!

I also remember very clearly that this was the day of the CEO Breakfast at INDABA 20313 and we had a very early start. So the picture was clicked in extreme hurry, as I did not want to be late and make others wait for me! This was also clicked handheld with a 75-300 zoom. I forgot the tripod at home and I wanted to kick myself for it. But on this day there was anyway no time to set up a tripod. Some excuse I say!

PS. This post is part of Sky Watch Friday, check it out.

18 thoughts on “Sky Watch Friday- Sunrise at Durban, South Africa

  1. My Say

    sunrises and sets are so different although the orangish red ball looks so alike yet so different .. in this photograph .. looks like its coming out of the screen !! :) So even if you were in a hurry you ended up taking a unique one !!
    Mridula you rock ! :)

  2. Laura Hegfield

    wow amazing blazing sky!!! I want to let you know that if you have any macros to post, I’m now hosting the I Heart Macro meme Saturday evenings through Monday evenings on my blog and would love for youto join in the fun of slowing down and sharing the love up-close :-)


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