The Dubai Connection

I have not traveled within Dubai (shall I say yet?) but my younger nephew, also known as Brat 2, has done a long internship in Dubai and I have heard a lot of tales! He is an excellent traveling companion and we have been chatting about visiting Dubai together but let us see when we are actually able to pull it off.



It is his conversations that made me think about the difference between knowing a country as a tourist and working there. Dubai tourism could be a very different as opposed to when we go there and stay for an extended period of time. It is not that he didn’t like Dubai, he liked it a lot, but it is just that the sum total of his experiences is much more than what I would experience as a tourist. He obviously had to go to the Ferrari Park in Abu Dhabi and that is what he enjoyed most I think. That and a couple of beaches and some old mosques is all I can get out of him as his Dubai adventures. My own experiences so far have been only as a transit passenger at Dubai Airport.

Dubai Airport

Dubai Airport

I have transited thrice via Dubai, once long back in 2001 to Athens and twice in more recent past twice to Manchester. But it is the Athens transit I remember most. I don’t know how but while coming back I managed to have a 23 hour lay off at Dubai! I was new to international travel then and a broke Ph. D. student as well. In fact Athens was only my second trip abroad. For a while I enjoyed the airport, after all Dubai airport is huge and glittering. But when sleep started taking the upper hand I found a nice reclining chair and decided to doze off. Only to find the air-conditioning too strong. And a very cold lesson learned- to always keep a shawl/sweater ready in my hand luggage for airports whatever be the weather outside.

With both my nephew and I having itchy feet I think we should look at a Dubai tour in near future.

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11 thoughts on “The Dubai Connection”

  1. loved your 2001 experiences !! 🙂
    Dubai airport picture was cool! 🙂
    checking the linked posts !

  2. True, there is a lot of difference when you visit a country as a traveler and when you are staying there for years. There is lot to explore in Dubai…

  3. What you said about visiting Dubai as a tourist and working there is very correct,as some of my friends are also working there and they seem there because they need to…But as a tourist spot it is whole diffeent

  4. Cool article Mridula and reading it made me wish I could go to Dubai!!

  5. Itchy feet aan haan 😉 m sure an all Dubai post is coming up very soon 🙂 Good Going Mridula 🙂

  6. Well come in Dubai. I am living in Dubai because i love it Even i made my blog on it. Its a small Beautiful Heaven. I always dreamt to come and live here and it came true before 1 and half year. MRIDULA i like your blog and i would love to see your updates as i like every thing related to Dubai except TRAFFIC. lol

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