Why Does it Feel Like War Before Leaving the Station?

I am often on war with the world just before leaving the station. I am about to leave for Sri Lanka in a few days time. And it feels like a war right now. Some of the symptoms are-

  • I am unable to reply to the comments on my blog and when that happens I hate it. I really hate it and recently it has happened much more that I would have ever liked.
  • I am sitting and typing this post late into the night. I have been unable to blog today because everything else was a priority. I wonder why does all the work sneaks out from the various corners just a few days before I am about to leave?
  • It is war when I think of packing in terms of money and tickets if traveling domestically and money (currencies), documents (passport and every thing else) and relevant chargers if I am travelling internationally. Clothes don’t even figure unless it is a cold climate. Then one good jacket also becomes essential. Every thing else is packed up last moment with a prayer.
  • I miss on sleep due to various things that need to be done and then I arrive at the destination completely knocked out. It just adds to the feeling.
  • And this time it is more like war because after coming back I am leaving station in one day again for a trip that is work related. So I am trying to settle out everything for that as well.

But there is one good thing happening right now even though at the moment it adds to the war. I had left the month of May blank travel wise thinking that I would be too tired after back to back trips. But something exciting is cooking up right now. But details when all the chips fall in place!

I think I will have net connection at Sri Lanka, so I should be blogging live from there. otherwise there is another agenda for war, to schedule posts.

Do you also feel the same before leaving for a trip? I hope not. And final proof that I am at war? No picture with this post. Now when did you last saw that on Travel Tales from India?

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6 thoughts on “Why Does it Feel Like War Before Leaving the Station?”

  1. so far I have never seen a post of Mridula without some nice click !! hehehe..at war …!! hmm indeed…I used to feel may be a couple of years back when traveling was part of life….now no more .. no not because I have become a perfect scheduler , it because I rarely went out of the city in these last 700 long days !!! πŸ™‚ Well, Best of Luck for your Sri Lanka trip . Look forward for gr8 posts from there too πŸ™‚ … Are u visiting Yala ?? My partner on other website says its a heaven for people who love clicking animals and birds ..In fact I am supposed to post some of his work in near future …on the other site.
    Happy Journey πŸ™‚

  2. Its always like that for me too Mridula…. the days before leaving and those after coming back always make me wonder if i really want to go…. but then, i am me, after all, and i would rather brave these chaotic days than not travel at all… all the best for your trip… have a great time and we shall look forward to your posts./

  3. Hey Midula,
    I perfectly understand what you are talking about! It’s like, if I’ll keep up with your β€˜war’ metaphor, getting mentally prepared for leaving the wounded (our readers) behind. Sometimes it seems as if it was almost morally wrong. Well before I’ll get overdramatic here let me share with you my Number 1 (philosophical) justification to pack my backpack (over an’ again) and hit the road. As Bentham once said, “It is the greatest happiness of the greatest number that is the measure of right and wrong”! So even if some will get hurt because of my temporary absent, duty calls right?
    So get dusted over there and bring a lot of good stuff to make the greatest number happy:) Enjoy!

  4. Hi
    I have all these and an excruciating pain in the leg just before leaving home.
    If it is an early morning train or flight I just stay awake the entire night so as to not miss it.
    No alarm clock can wake me you see.
    Have fun out there!

  5. Same things happen with me also . Just reminded . But the use of the word is like too much for me , But you have used it to perfection and according to situation . Anyways happy journey waiting from excitement from Srilanka . And yaa this is my first post without picture from Travel Tales from India .

    Travel India

  6. My Say I hope you will be able to travel again if that is what you want πŸ˜€

    Anu in a way I am glad to hear that I am not alone but sorry to hear that it bothers you so much. Maybe there is a cure which we all are missing upon? πŸ˜€

    Raviv many thanks for giving me the philosophical justification, I need it and very bit that I can get!

    Madhu that reminds I have to get up real early for tomorrow! But I do get some sleep because I wake up with an alarm clock.

    Vishal many thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts.


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