Which is Your Favorite State in India?

By Mridula Dwivedi April 11, 2013 14 Comments , ,

I know a lot of you will scream and say, this is an unfair question. I know you might have more than one favorite states in India. I think I will find it hard to answer it myself. But so what if it is difficult? It has to be tired.

But to answer it I will take a circuitous route. There was a time I could not decide whether I had a preference for mountains or beaches. I thought I liked them equally. You can see that desert didn’t even enter the equation so I have already started making choices. But in December 2012 I had an opportunity to pick up a vacation between a beach and a mountain and the mountains won. So that gave me an inkling that I was already getting an answer to my long standing dilemma. I am becoming more and more of a mountain person.

So now the state I pick has to have mountains. But before that I will take another detour. I have limited leaves and there are many other demands on my time. So when I take a vacation many a times it has to be to the weekend getaways from NCR rather than any thing else.

And before I reveal the state there are a few other considerations. What do you think of State government tourism activities? I know that Gujarat tourism is very active and so is Kerala. I have sen ads from Rajasthan and Madhya Pradesh as well. But I have never come across mainstream ads from say Andhra Pradesh tourism or even Uttar Pradesh which has of all places the Taj Mahal. And then there are package tour promoters like Make My Trip India and others that promote particular destinations. Do these factors weigh in your decisions? And as of now I have still kept your life fairly simple, I have not asked for the most favored destinations in the world or I could name so many tourism boards and their lovely ads.

But now let it be drum rolls please, my favorite state in India is Himachal Pradesh. As I said it had to have mountains.

Himachal Pradesh, India

Himachal Pradesh, India

So which is your favorite state in India?

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14 thoughts on “Which is Your Favorite State in India?”

  1. Err I love mountains over beaches anyday. But then what I love more is a freedom to be me – to dress up in itsie-bitsies if my heart desires without having to bother abt getting gawked at! For this reason alone I will pick Goa!

  2. I like Kerala. I have no reasons for selecting this state. But then, if you live in Kerala at least for a month, then you’ll begin to love this state. This ‘god’s own country’ has such mesmerizing effect on people.

  3. I like traveling to many places within India but somehow, it always comes back to Kerala – my home state. There is still so much that is left to explore there and the experiences are culturally layered too. So, yes, Kerala is a special place for me and then so is Chennai.

  4. Being a Keralite, I totally agree with everyone who supported Kerala for its scenic beauty and many unexplored places… But I loved J&K!!!
    Tat place is mesmerizing… Everyone has to see that place atleast once in their lifetime. Its beauty is on par with Switzerland… No need to spend the extra bucks guys!

  5. I would say Karnataka- it has aboth hills and beaches. People are nice and the access is easy. The language is manageable for those who are from the north ( unlike Tamilnadu) and ofcourse I have some very happy memories of being there.

  6. As of now, it is Sikkim for me! But wait, wasn’t it J & K before this? And… Rajasthan before that? No No Kerala I suppose! Or… the little mesmerising Meghalaya? Karnataka’s ghats or TamilNadu’s temples aren’t bad either! What about Goa’s beaches? How serene the sunrise was at the Sabarmati Ashram in Ahmedabad! And the beautiful rivers and fields of Punjab! And the hustle and bustle big cities of Delhi, Mumbai or Kolkata? And of course, my own Singaara Chennai! Hey, why leave out union territories? I loved both the Andamans and Lakshadweep! And I’ve been lucky to experience all these, so I’ll keep picking a new one 🙂

  7. Himachal top Uttranchal and then Sikkim .. unfair is this question truely … all the north eastern states … :D… i love mountains as much ,I guess, u do !!! 🙂

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