The Road Less Traveled

By Mridula Dwivedi April 2, 2013 11 Comments , ,

I remember reading a BBC News article when the world population reached seven billion. My chain of thought went like this. Out of this seven billion population there are only two nations that have a population in excess of a billion, India and China. And I happen to live in one of them and my blog title tells you where! Even within India I live in a crowded city and the NCR region that is the most populous in the country! No wonder I search for quite places, the road less traveled.

The Road Less Traveled

The Road Less Traveled

One such road is Jagatsukh. It is about 6 km from the more popular hill station Manali. But we are always happy to stay at Jagatsukh. In fact we have always used Manali as a pit stop and nothing more. Why? It is crowded.

We also stay at a friend Ramakant’s home, it is not a home stay though. As I said it is a friend’s home whom Seshadri met while trekking around Manali and he has done many treks with him. But there are many home stays available at Jagatsukh.

And now that I am back for a few days:

  • I will not snap at the traffic every two seconds.
  • I will take some interest in cooking and house hold in general.
  • I will have a good appetite and will eat food with relish.
  • I will grow some new plants.
  • I will be enthusiastic in general.

One week later everything becomes a chore.

Two weeks later I start getting restless.

And if I do not go out again within four weeks I am ready to take it out on anyone who is a family or friend! After all I live in a crowded country and a crowded city and I can take only so much of it at a time.

PS. This picture was taken at Jagatsukh and for a change I got up at sunrise! There was no traffic on the road for quite sometime and I along with some birds had it all to us!


11 thoughts on “The Road Less Traveled”

  1. I wish I wa sliving up north so tht the cooler locales are a hop, skip away! Its HOT here n the avenues to escape tht wont sunburn u v few!

  2. wonderful click, Mridula! Its indeed such a pleasure to get out from the crowded city…. and most tourist places are so full these days too…. and its so wonderful to discover a nook where there is no one but us! and that does carry us through a few days of our regular lives… sigh.. but getting back to reality isnt easy!

  3. most people are running towards cities and the associated comforts / luxuries, and they think i’m mad when i tell them i want to live in a quiet place 🙂

  4. What a lovely photo. But I wish living in a (moderately, at least) crowded place made me lose my appetite – I’m afraid nothing seems to stop me eating my food with relish!! And not much makes me become interested in household tasks… especially when there is another trip to be planned !

  5. Thank you Rupam.

    Meena but Bangalore so much better to live in than my NCR! But I entirely agree with the Himalaya advantage.

    Anu waiting to read more about your Coorg trip!

    Niranjan same here!

    Canary such is life! Thank you for stopping by.

    Qaminante so where to next?

    Farzana and Ali, thank you.

    Vishal thank you.

    Ajeeth thank you.

    Debopam thank you.

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