Sky Watch Friday- Mountains from Jagatsukh

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It is sky watch time again! I was in the mountains again last week and one day I even managed to get up at dawn. And I had the place almost to my self, I shared it mostly with birds! But the landscape was breathtaking too and sky completely blue!

Jagatsukh, HImachal Pradesh

Jagatsukh, Himachal Pradesh

I stayed out for around 3 hours clicking pictures and that was time well spent! Jagatsukh is just 6 km away from Manali but it is different place. Manali has become too crowded for me but the vistas around it are so beautiful. The good bit about the region is that if you get out a little further away from Manali you can still find quite places like Jagatsukh. Between Jagatsukh and Manali is Prini which has Club Mahindra and Holiday Inn as well. So there are stay options available. There are many home stays available as well. This was a family vacation and we had a great time!

This post is part of Sky Watch Friday. Do check it out.

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15 thoughts on “Sky Watch Friday- Mountains from Jagatsukh

  1. sylviakirk

    Oh, what incredible, blue, blue skies, Mridula!! Beautiful composition and a wonderful shot for the day! Thanks for sharing the beauty! Have a lovely weekend!


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