The Garden at the Cheetal Grand, Khatauli

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When we stopped for the lunch on our Rishikesh Delhi trip I was not sure what kind of place would be the Cheetal Grand at Khatauli. But as soon as we got down their garden blew our senses away.

The Garden, Cheetal Grand, Khatauli

The Garden at Cheetal Grand, Khatauli

It was with a lot of difficulty that I managed to get away and find myself something to eat. And this is just a teaser I tell you. I will do a proper photo feature of it on a later date!

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15 thoughts on “The Garden at the Cheetal Grand, Khatauli

    1. Mridula Post author

      Sneha I have always been poor at painting, the only creative streak I have shown is with the camera 😀

  1. Mridula Post author

    Anu soon, there are now two trips waiting to be written!

    Manish it has a mind blowing garden!

    Thank you Amit. It seems to be a very popular place looking at Google images too!

    Thanks you Easwar. We were so tired when we arrived but no one went for food without clicking the flowers!

  2. Amit Agarwal

    It used to be a milestone on NH58 before that flyover was built.
    I always stopped here since my bike days when it was known as Cheetal(the Grand is the newer one).
    Nice post, Mridula:)


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