Done for the Day!

By Mridula Dwivedi April 9, 2013 7 Comments , , ,

Did it ever occurred to you that what happened to the rafts after we were done for the day? The first time I went rafting I was so hungry after it that all my attention was concentrated on food and chatting. Not so this time. I was still awake and curious about my surroundings.

Do I have all the paddles?

Do I have all the paddles?

So I noticed this guy walking away with all the paddles and a keen concentration on his face which seems to be saying, “Do I have them all?” I am sure someone else did the same with the helmets and the life jackets. All the equipment has to be kept away safely for the next trip!

There were stairs!

There were stairs!

The biggest task is to take the raft back home and these four strong people were trying to do just that. This was the ghat near Ram Jhula at Haridwar. And there were stairs to negotiate! I do not envy them for this task!

Jor laga ke!

Jor laga ke!

And this group needed more than four people to negotiate the steps. If there are enough professionals with the raft they don’t ask the customers to help. But I have seen groups where customers also helped in hauling the raft away from the river. I was never asked to give a hand and I wonder how will I fare if I was actually asked to help! Maybe they know who will be more of a liability rather than help at such tasks!

Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound

Finally the raft is tied on the top of a jeep and it is all set to go home! This time I saw people adjusting the tilt of the raft on the jeep as well. Rafting has been fun for me but this time I also enjoyed clicking the homeward journey of the raft too.

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