Bucket List? What Bucket List?

Do you have a bucket list for travel? Do you try to travel out of it? What all features on it? I have toyed with the idea of a bucket list but I never got around making it. I can see the uses of such a list, it would keep me busy for years altogether.

I wonder why I really never got down to make it. One answer that whispers back to me is that I like travel just too much and I would actually like to see as much as I can, so no lists for me.

When I started traveling I never thought I would travel much beyond India. I am also much of the independent and family traveler but I have started planning my trips using websites (like Make My Trip and Tripadvisor). But my best bet is still Google Images if I like the images I will go to the destination!

Amazing Nepal

Amazing Nepal

There is another recent change in my thinking. It happened due to my visit to both Nepal and Malaysia. I got quite interested in discovering Asia. Nepal completely hooked me with its mighty mountains. Malaysia is more eclectic with modern Kuala Lumpur, tucked away home stays and lovely beaches of which I have seen only one, Redang.

And in Asia on the top of my list are countries that don’t require visa or have visa on arrival. I already have planned a trip to Sri Lanka and I tried to plan one for Hong Kong but didn’t succeed. Then more places on agenda- Mauritius, Bali, Macau and Hong Kong and anyone else who would give me an easy visa. Mauritius Tourism particularly appeals to me because of its India connections and of course the beaches.

But I firmly believe in serendipity and all my carefully laid plans have often come to naught so I am not at all sure how I will fare with this one.

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11 thoughts on “Bucket List? What Bucket List?”

  1. My bucket list is to travel to those places which talks of deep spiritual stuff. I did my Nepal visit for Padmasambhava and my Gurudev Dattatreya. Wish list starts with Nag Hammadi and goes all upto Yucatan. I wish you all the best for your Lanka trip and God willing your Antartica hundi gets filled up soon. But why 2041?

  2. Hi Mridula
    Interesting read. You worry about the Visa. How about the tickets? 🙂
    Aren’t they the main ingredient? 😉

  3. I have TripAdvisor loads of blogs bookmarked (like yours 🙂 ) and like you ven I have a different affection toward mountains and …. all I lack as always is funding 😀 … salaries are always less .. you can verify with top CEOs like Ambani or their wives .. 😀
    Well.. I have somehow arranged few 1000s and travelers are ideally bad planners and managers … ( personal experience- coz all my marketing plans ideally fail and I am an equally linent take light manager always dreaming of camping in the rugged weather of Rohtang Pass or Changu Lake : ) ) Bucket List … not for people like me !!!

  4. I love to travel whereas the husband likes to stay at home. still rooting to find a middle path. I love your pics Mridula and your zealous travel.

  5. I do have a bucket list, not on what countries to visit, but on what activities I want to do. Although I use tripadvisor, I very much use google images and flickr images to nail down what places to see. In Asia I wanted to visit Angkor Wat and wash elephants in Srilanka!

  6. when I was 12 yrs old, i remember jotting down all the places I want to visit in a book and as i grew up, I called it bucket list. I am now actually planning and covering many of them… but my list is still accruing.

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