What Does the Picture Say to You?

I thought of trying something new today. I am going to post a picture below and you have to tell me what does the picture say to you?

Snow at Gulmarg

Snow at Gulmarg

After all why should I do the story telling everyday? Some days I like to listen to stories.

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12 thoughts on “What Does the Picture Say to You?”

  1. This photo absolutely beckons me to Gulmarg!!!!! am truly starved of travel, and my feet are positively itching to go…. it didnt snow while we were there last may, but there was quite a lot of snow… had a grt time, but sometimes, memories can be cruel. they can make it difficult to settle back down to normal life.. without travel 🙁

  2. white color have always been associated with peace. since theres so much white in this pic , peace is the first thought to ride my senses while i look at this pic.


    an awesome pic mam

  3. वादियां मेरा दामन, रास्ते मेरी बाहें जाओ गुलमर्ग के सिवा, तुम कहाँ जाओगे …:)

  4. Thanks Chitra.

    Thanks Farzana and Ali.

    I perfectly well understand what you are saying Anu.

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts Jagmeet.

    Thanks Easwar.

    Manish thank you!

    Thank you Niranjan.

    Meena now that is imagination!

    Thank you Vishal!

    Nandini thank you.

    Debopam thank you.


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