The Snow Fall at Gulmarg in March

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I have seen snow fall before. I have in fact been inside a tent when snow fell and then you have to get up and beat the tent roof so that the snow falls of and your tent doesn’t collapse.


But here is a snowfall at Gulmarg which I enjoyed from my hotel balcony. I tried my best to take some pictures but none of them came put well. So here is a video grainy and all but gives a flavor of the season.

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11 thoughts on “The Snow Fall at Gulmarg in March

  1. Mridula Post author

    Thank you Easwar.

    Rupam thank you it was very difficult to click a still picture :(

    Daymanti 😀 I know it is a magical experience though this was not my first view.

    Rama do that Everest Base Camp trek and you will probably see!

    Thank you Team G Square.

    Thank you Meenakshi for putting it so beautifully in words!


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