Backyard Birds- Purple Sunbird

By Mridula Dwivedi March 5, 2013 12 Comments

I know it is not a Sunday and it is not a photo day. But this is what happens when I do not travel for nearly two months! I have to keep this blog alive with places and things around me and you have to view them! See it is better for all involve it I travel more!

Purple Sunbird

Purple Sunbird

For the past three years (or is it more?) there has been a Purple Sunbird nest in my backyard. I do not go very close to the nest because I do not wish to startle these fragile creatures. But as they have a nest they keep coming and going at all hours during the day. I was just standing in my balcony clicking sunset when this male Purple Sunbird came and chirped around. It didn’t seem to even notice a 75-300 mm lens pointing at it. Hence this happy picture.

And even though I love to click birds I am counting the days like anything (I am almost as impatient as my daughter gets when she is waiting for something to happen) when I get to travel again.

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12 thoughts on “Backyard Birds- Purple Sunbird”

  1. lovely capture! i’ve been trying to capture one which has been visiting the tree outside my house, but havent been successful yet… will post a pic of a magpie robin i did click! and really, its so difficult to think of what to post when we havent travelled for a while! am looking forward to march end… which is when hopefully some travel will come my way 😀 and i get just as impatient as u and chhavi!!!

  2. Thanks Niranjan.

    The bird behaved well so I was able to capture it otherwise they usually give hell! Thank you Krishna.

    Rama no easy answers to that and my backyard is also tiny.

    Meena 😀 hopefully tomorrow.

    Anu hope you do get out at March end and the Magpie pictures are lovely.

    Shalu I have no idea what it is called in Hindi.

    Thank you so much Hoteldepot! What a comparison!

    धन्यवाद मनीष

    Thank you Anu.

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